Dunkinbaskinrunsonyou.com – 2020 Tell DD/BR Feedback Survey

Enjoy eating at Dunkin’s Donuts/Baskin-Robbins? How do you like their food and service there? Share your feedback and you will get free offer printed on your receipt, would you like it? If so, visit Dunkinbaskinrunsonyou.com to take part in a short online survey and let them know what you think about your last visit to Dunkin’s Donuts/Baskin-Robbins. At the end of this survey, they will give you a validation code that you should write down on the original receipt then come back with your receipt to redeem the offer printed on your receipt.

Dunkin’s Donuts hope your dining experience to exceed your expectations from the moment step through their doors. And your feedback is important to help them reach that goal.

How to Take Part In The web Survey

1. Go to the customer survey site link above.

2. Enter the survey code located in the middle of your receipt and to Start Survey.

3. Read the questions that will follow the page and select your answers.

4. Once you have completed the survey, press the “Submit” button and your responses will be sent to Dunkin’s Donuts.


Talk to Donut at www.Dunkinbaskinrunsonyou.com within 3 days and receive a FREE CLASSIA DONUT on your next visit when purchase a Medium or Larger Beverage.

Tellbostonmarket.com – 2020 Tell Boston Market Survey

What do you think about the food & service at Boston Market restaurant? Boston Market appreciates any and all feedback, good or bad, you can share your dining experience at www.tellbostonmarket.com at your leisure.

Your candid feedback is important to Boston Market, because this will help them improve their stores and service. If you have something to tell Boston Market, take part in the Boston Market guest satisfaction survey. This will just take a few minutes and at the end you will be rewarded with a promo code.

How to take the Tell Boston Market Survey:

1. Go to the customer survey site link above.

2. Enter the store number and transaction number found on your receipt and select your visit time and click on “Start”

3. Then simply answer the questions on each page, then click the “Next” button to continue to the next question.

4. At the end of survey, Boston Market will generally offer some discount for you.

Click Here to Start the Survey

About Boston Market

Boston Market is a fast casual restaurant in U.S.. I like the tender rotisserie chicken there and other items such as beef briskets, meatballs along with sandwiches and more. You can also invite friends and colleagues for a meal at Boston Market.

www.mycfavisit.com – 2020 Chick-fil-A Customer Survey

Chick-fil-A is one of the most popular quick-service chicken restaurant chains in the United States. If you are a regular customer of Chick-fil-A you may be invited to participate in Chick-fil-A online survey at www.mycfavisit.com (the invitation is showed on your Chick-fil-A receipt.)


At the survey website, you will need to provide the serial number from your receipt and answer some questions about your last meal there. Whether your answer is good or bad, you will be given a validation code that can be used to redeem the offer printed on your receipt.

How to take the Chick-fil-A Survey:

1. Go to the customer survey site link above.

2. Enter the serial number found on your receipt in the provide box.

3. Answer a series of questions about your most recent Chick-fil-A experience.

4. At the end of survey you will be given a validation code and write down that on the space provided on your receipt.

5. Come back with your receipt and redeem the offer.

Click Here to Start the Survey

With 47 consecutive years of positive sales growth, Chick-fil-A has set itself apart by pioneering innovations and delicious products—including the ever-popular Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich.

www.tellpetsuppliesplus.com – 2020 Tell Pet Supplies Plus survey

If you want to buy some pet supplies, where do you buy it usually? How do you feel about Pet Supplies Plus? Yes, I think it is the perfect place to buy my pet’s favorite products. What about you?  Now,to improve all aspects of their customer experience, Pet Supplies Plus wants you to take a few time to take part in their Guest Satisfaction Survey.

Visit www.tellpetsuppliesplus.com, and use the form to tell them what you think of them (be honest, they can take it) and they’ll use your information to improve the Pet Supplies Plus experience. As a special thank you for your feedback, after completing the survey you will receive a chance to win $100 Pet Supplies Plus gift card.


How we can participate in the Pet Supplies Plus survey?

Go to the survey site, enter the store number, transaction number, and date & time located on your receipt, click on the “Start” button to begin the survey. Then respond to several questions and provide some your personal information. You will be entered into the Survey Sweepstakes at the end of this survey. Without a receipt, you can still enter the survey sweepstakes. For details, read the Sweepstakes Rules.


Pet Supplies Plus is one of the largest speciality pet supplies retailers in the US, it now has about 260 stores in 23 states. At Pet Supplies Plus store you can find a huge selections of supplies for dogs, cats, birds, fish, and other pets. Gain access to exclusive coupons and special offers, join the Preferred Pet Club.

www.tellculvers.com – 2020 Culver’s Feedback Survey

If you enjoy Culver’s fast food and often eat in there, you should receive an invitation on your receipt to participate in the Culver’s guest satisfaction survey(www.tellculvers.com). Culver’s value your feedback so that they can provide you with an exceptional experience next time you visit.


How to take the Culver’s Customer Survey:

1. Go to the customer survey site link.

2. Enter the 3-digit restaurant number printed on the top of your receipt and click on “Next”.

3. Answer all survey questions regarding your dinning experience.

4. As a reward for your participation, Culver’s will generally offer some discount for you.

Click Here to Start the Survey

Culver’s is a great fast casual restaurant chain the United States. There is a new Culver’s restaurant opening nearby my house. It looks cool, so i tried it with my friend yesterday. This followed by a chorus of “Welcome to Culver’s” from the staff behind the counter.

I appreciate the interior a step above the typical fast food restaurant. We waited for a moment, and were not disappointed. I’ve tried their fish sandwich. I found it very greasy and fresh with a fairly generous piece of white fish alone. I also ordered a cup of custard with butterscotch. It is like eating silk, SO creamy, yummy, and flavorful. Besides, manager was a super nice guy. I’d go back. I highly recommend this place.

www.talktosonic.com – 2020 Talk to Sonic Drive-In Survey

How often do you visit Sonic Drive-In? Are you satisfied with its foods and quality of service? It’s easy to give your feedback and opinion for them at their customer survey website www.talktosonic.com. Your feedback will help Sonic better meet the needs and expectations of customers like yourself.


This survey asks some simple questions, you can answer it pretty easily! Complete this brief survey which should only take 1-2 minutes.After completing the Sonic survey, you will get a validation code that can be redeemed for Free Food or Drink.

How we can participate in the  Sonic Drive-In survey?

1.Go to www.talktosonic.com on your computer.

2. You need to locate the ID number printd on your receipt and carefully enter it in the provided box.

3. Then start to answer the questions about your visit to the Sonic where you received thie survey invitation.

4. Rate your over all satisfaction with your experience.

5. You will be given a validation code.


Sonic Drive-In is an drive-in fast-food restaurant chain, is very well known in. Want to get savings or exclusive perks, sign up for the Sonic Cruisers Club.

How Sonic Drive-In Works?

1. Pull into the stall of your choice as long as it’s empty.

2. Look at the menu with your eyes. Listen with your ears to your stomach.

3. Press the red button and ignite a chain reaction of delicious proportions.

4. Like an eight-wheeld human food chariot, a carhop delivers your food to your driver’s side window. with a side of smiles.

5. Pay cash toyour carhop or pay with a credit or debit card at the stall.

6. This is when you eat and enjoy the company of people also eating (repeat as needed).

www.tellthebell.com – 2020 Taco Bell Customer Survey

I like going to the Taco Bell restaurant as it’s my treat. Taco Bell is always clean and the people are always friendly. My experience was good. Love this store. And today i am entered the Taco Bell Corp. Customer Opinion Weekly Sweepstakes by completing their Customer survey online at www.tellthebell.com. I have received a chance to win a $500 cash prize. If you also want to win $500 cash, keep your receipt well and enter the weekly sweepstakes in the following way:

1. Internet Entry: visit www.tellthebell.com, enter the store number printed on your receipt and share your honest opinions about your recent visit at Taco Bell; or

2. Telephone Entry: the Taco Bell customer’s receipt list a toll-free number (e. g. 1.888.771.6428) for registering your opinions about Participating Restaurants.



Having trouble? Please check out the OFFICIAL RULES page or call the toll-free number listed on your receipts.

Want to get extra discounts form Taco Bell? I think the best way to save on your purchases is to use the Taco Bell coupons for discounts. Where to find the Taco Bell coupons? Don’t hurry!  You can find the coupons or codes at various “coupon” sites like retailmenot.com.Or

1. Sign Up for their email, get the first taste of Taco Bell news,offers and information.

2. Become a MOBILE VIP,receive rewards and offers.

3. Pick up a Taco Bell gift card – a perfect gift!

www.telltractorsupply.com – 2020 Tell Tractor Supply Survey

If you are a regular customer of Tractor Supply and have a negative or positive experience to report, please participate in the Tractor Supply Loyalty Customer Survey at www.telltractorsupply.com. Upon completion of this survey you will be given the opportunity to enter the sweepstakes for a $2,500 Tractor Supply Company/Del’s Gift Card.


This survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete. You will need to provide the information from your receipt from the participating Tractor Supply store. Your comments will be used to continue improving your shopping experience at Tractor Supply.


There are two other ways to enter the sweepstakes:

1. Call 1-877-789-1443 and complete a short survey to be entered into the sweepstakes.

2. To enter without a purchase , on a post card, hand-print your complete neme, address, city, state, zip code, phone number and date of birth and mail in an envelope and mail it to: Tractor Supply Company/Del’s Monthly Survey Sweepstakes,35610 Mound Road, Dept. 2045, Sterling Heights, MI 48310-4725.

Tractor Supply Company is a large retail chain of stores that offers a number of products for home improvement, agriculture, lawn and garden maintenance, and livestock, equine and pet care. In each Tractor Supply store, you’ll find a staff of experts, better known as your friends and neighbors. They’re proud of where they live and even more proud to bring you the products, services and seasoned advice you need out here.

www.mynikevisit-na.com – 2020 My Nike Visit Survey

Have you bought some sport products from Nike? How do you feel like their products and services? If you have a comment about that, please visit www.mynikevisit-na.com and take a few minutes to share your thoughts based on your recent experience with Nike. There are no right or wrong answers. Once you complete the survey program, you’ll receive a $5 Nike gift card your next purchase.

Nike would love to hear what you have to say. If you have feedback about one of their stores, do share your opinions. Please fill out a short survey. The survey will ask a few short questions about the product that was purchased. It’ll only take 2-3 minutes.

How to take the My Nike Visit Survey:

1. Go to the customer survey site link above.

2. Select a language preference and enter the 5-digit store number printed on your cash register receipt and click on the “Next” button

3. Read the questions that will follow the page and select your answers.

4. At the end of survey, you will receive the coupon.

Click Here to Start the Survey

About NIKE

NIKE is the world’s best-known sportswear brands to the production and sales of sports clothing, sports shoes, sports equipment mainly. NIKE supported by high technology, are the most panache of Science and Technology Company.

www.tellmurphyusa.com – 2020 Tell Murphy USA Survey

Each time you make a purchase at a participating Murphy USA, you may receive a receipt which has a survey code on it. And then you can go to www.tellmurphyusa.com to complete a short survey by using the survey code. Once you have finished this survey, you will be automatically entered in the sweepstakes for a $100 Murphy USA Gas Card.

Your satisfaction is their number one priority. This survey is part of a program to help Murphy USA provide you with a unique, high quality experience.If you have feedback about one of their stores, do share your opinions.

How to take the Tell Murphy USA Survey:

1. Go to the guest survey site link above.

2. Eenter the requested information from your receipt to ensure your feedback goes to the right people, including 12-digit Survey code, Date & time.

3. Answer any required customer satisfaction survey questions and provide your contact information.

4. Once you’re done, you will be entered into a drawing for a $100 Murphy USA Gas card.

Click Here to Start the Survey

About Murphy USA

Murphy USA is a 24 hours gas station, which is dedicated to providing customers with discount gas prices and friendly service. There are more than 1,100 Murphy USA and Murphy Express stores in the United States and serve nearly 2 million customers every day. You can commonly find it on a corner of most stores for convenience. The place has fast-paced time, quick and friendly service, great benefits and hot deals. What they sell are a great range of items such as gasoline, soda pop, tobacco, snacks and a few automotive supplies. You can pay by cash, credit card or gas card.

For the biggest savings at Murphy USA,visit www.murphyusa.com/Get-Deals, you can find the best deals on gas, groceries, drinks, snacks, and more.