www.Tellmister.com – Receive a 25% off Coupon

If you were a regular customer of Mister Car Wash, did you experience a problem during your recent visit there?  In an effort to improve your experience, Mister Car Wash really needs your honest feedback that will help them to serve you better. Let’s join the Mister Car Wash Customer Satisfaction Survey!

Go to www.tellmister.com, complete a short survey and you will receive a Mister Car Wash coupon for 25% off your next car wash purchase at any of their loacations. Just respond to some quick questions that will take less than 3 minutes to complete.

How can we participate in the Tell Mister Car Wash Survey?

1. Visit their customer survey official website and select the language in English or Spanish to continue.

2. Enter the Date & Time of Visit, Location Number and Purchase Amount from your cash register receipt and begin the survey.

3. Rate your most recent experience with them and answer the questions on each page.

4. At the end of the survey, you will be given a link to print the 25% off coupon.

5. Save the coupon and show to the cashier to receive your discount.


Mister Car Wash has grown into the American largest full-service car wash and lube center chain. With 134 car washes and 32 lube centers in 14 states throughout the country. The secret of their success may lie in the fact that they believe in a simple philosophy:work hard, always do the right thing and serve the best car wash experience around. I often visit Mister Car Wash. Excellent service, the right price, and good people!

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17 thoughts on “www.Tellmister.com – Receive a 25% off Coupon

  1. I filled out all questions on the survey and was advised that my answers had been received, but there was no coupon for 25% off my next car wish. The only problems I have at the car wash is the young men toweling my vehicle off is they have problems getting the windows clean (I drive a full size pickup).

  2. I would like to commend your staff at the Highway 528 location for their smiles and courtesy with special thanks to Shaun for his help with a coupon issue.

  3. My second trip to your facility on Rte 528 NW was an enjoyable one and was glad to see the upcoming improvements there. I again had a problem in printing the coupon but will bring in my receipt and evidence that I completed the survey the next time I have my car serviced there.

  4. I took your survey but was not issued the 25% coupon that was offered, would not print coupon. Here again a black mark on your establishment Mister Car Wash. I live in Safford AZ and I go to your car wash to clean my truck and suv when I go to Tucson but your service is not doing very well on my vehicles.

  5. Like numerous others, I took the survey but did not receive the coupon!

    Been using the carwash since it opened under Cloister Car Wash and always pleased with the service.

    Will appreciate the coupon after taking my time to complete the feedback for your use.

  6. Hey, what’s the deal. An employee told me about the 25% discount coupon. So I came home, completed the survey and didn’t receive a coupon either as others have stated on this site. What gives?

  7. Dear Mister Car Wash:
    My wife had her SUV washed on Saturday March 28, 2015. That being said, they did a good job except for the alloy wheels. I called your car wash at 8100 San Pedro NE and asked to speak with the manager. I then spoke with Shawn, and shared my frustration with him. I mentioned to him that I was planning to return to the car wash. I met with Shawn. He washed my wife’s car once again.

    When I arrived at your store, i was upset. When I left your store, I was elated with the service to say the least. Please give Shawn a “KUDO” for me. Now, I am looking forward to my next visit. Thank you for your time.

  8. I took your survey — every word. At the end I was told there was an “error; please do it again.” You’ve got to be kidding. All I can say is this is the WORST experience I have EVER had at a car wash!!!!! The front of the car looked like it had never been touched!!!!!! NEVER AGAIN, at your place. I will give my two remaining washes to someone else; I’ll go elsewhere.

  9. I used your facility at w hwy 50 in Clermont fl tday only to find out that the buckets of soap n water were gone. All the bugs on front of vehicle we’re still there after the wash!! Put the buckets back or I have no use for your facility!!

  10. As others wrote: I completed the survey, received no 25% off coupon. I am usually disappointed with the lackadaisical attitude of both the pre-wash workers and the post-wash “wipers.” The pre-wash guy had his head turned talking to someone else all the time he was “sort-of” spraying the front of my truck. I know they aren’t paid much, but they ARE being paid to do a job. If they don’t want to perform management should either hire someone else or raise both what the workers are paid and what they are expected to do. I drive a nice Ford Explorer Sportrac Truck.

  11. Your service system sucks. Requested full service wash and had to wait and burn my gas while ten or more cars that had just a exterior wash and came in after me went ahead. Bad, bad service. Will not go back. Will tell family and friends about what kind of treatment to expect.

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