www.tellasda.com uk – 2021 Tell Asda Survey

If you often visit Asda supermarket, and they look forward to your comments and feedback! Because it help them to ensure that every Asda experience you have is the best it can be. Have any comments / suggestions? you can now go to www.tellasda.co.uk and tell them how they did recently.
At this survey site, you can rate your experience and tell them how they can serve you better.Once you complete the web survey, you will have a chance to win £1000(one prize of £1,000 to be won every month).

How we can participate in the Tell Asda Survey?

1. Visit www.tellasda.co.uk on your computer and see the ‘Terms and Conditions’ before you start the survey.
2. Enter your visit date the town or postcode and click ‘Next’.
3. Then you will be asked to answer some general questions about your experience and click the “Next” button
4. Enter your contact information, including your name and email address.

Asda supermarket sells a wide range of products online and in store, like food, clothing, general merchandise, toys and even financial services. I’m a supporter of Asda, since I was young. It’s the supermarket I shopping most time, because its lowest price on the market. Just like what they say, they set out help save customers’ money everyday. Thanks for Asda, I have extra money to buy more music albums. I just bought a Beef Caaserole form Asda and got it, it tastes better out of a tin, I love it so much! I recommend it 110%!

15 thoughts on “www.tellasda.com uk – 2021 Tell Asda Survey

  1. i love shopping at Aldi`s. it`s the best supermarket by far. You can`t ask for better service at aldi. The staff are great and always willing to help you. i just love everything about aldi. u can guarantee you will always get a fantastic bargin. GO ALDI ***** 5 star xx

  2. One of the supermarkets that I really do enjoy shopping in.
    Great quality items at even greater low prices and excellent service from the staff who are very helpful, friendly and make the whole shopping experience a pleasurable one.

  3. I came into your store to day and i was very disappointed. I shop mainly in the free from section, and to my dismay i found the isle and the freezer al most empty and i was not the only one to comment on it. When i asked some one all i got was we are waiting for delivery but the impression i got, that it is more important to get all the other things like bread biscuits and all the general shopping and the freezer departments they are more important than the free from section and freezer department and this is not the first time this has happened and i know the items are expensive but i thought that all your customers should be treated the same. Sainsbury Tesco Asda can manage to keep their free from section fully stocked even when they are doing changes to their store surely you can do the same and this comment is from other customers like my self. I hope that if there is a next time i visit your store that the free from section will be fully stocked and not just when changes happen. It is so annoying. That i think i will visit the other store above, and please do not use the attitude like one of your members who told me to go on then go.

  4. I enjoy shopping at Asda. I normally shop in Enniskillen. Great Bargain’s and can get everything under the one roof. I find the staff very helpful and friendly for such a busy store. It makes sure a difference when staff are helpful and kind. Thank’s again for making me feel welcome in your store.

  5. I have to say that Aldi staff appear to be the most pleasant out of all the big supermarkets. Always smiley and keen to help whenever asked. A number of shelves and stock were thin on the ground after Christmas but what remained was still very good quality. Parking is easy and trolley in a good state too. All in all, Aldi`s…ist….. Sare Goot!

  6. Ive shopped at the St Helens Merseyside Store for years, and as a disabled customer I have always found staff extremly helpful (help to car to help with reaching me things I cant reach, all I have to say thankyou Asda staff.

  7. Asda in Weymouth is an excellent store. The customer service staff are excellent, very helpful nothing is to much. Always plenty of products to choose from. Thank you to the staff at Weymouth.

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