www.tellaldi.co.uk – 2021 Tell ALDI Survey

Customer service is really important to ALDI Supermarkets, so they want to listen to their customer’s opinion and demand because this helps ALDI keep offering the highest possible quality and service. If you would like to share your shopping experience at ALDI, you can through their feedback survey site (www.tellaldi.com)tell them your thoughts.
At this survey site, you can rate your overall satisfaction on a scale of 0-Very poor to 5-Very good or, if you prefer, you can also enter a comment. When you complete this short survey you can enter their monthly prize draw. Winers will win a £100 in ALDI vouchers.
How we can participate in the Tell ALDI survey?
1.Keep your customer receipt and go to www.tellaldi.com on your computer.
2.Enter the Survey Code from your receipt and then choose the date of your most recent visit to ALDI.
3.Then you will be asked to answer some general questions about your experience and click the “Next” button.
4. Rate the overall customer service and staff.
ALDI is a leading global discount supermarket chain with over 9,000 stores in 18 countries. At ALDI, you’ll find all sorts of award winning products, plus fantastic savings on everyday grocery shopping, Specially Selected treats and their fortnightly Super 6 fruit and veg and meat offers.
Go to www.aldi.co.uk  and select the ‘Specialbuys’section, you will find  a variety of special offers

617 thoughts on “www.tellaldi.co.uk – 2021 Tell ALDI Survey

  1. Aldi is a life line to me and my family being able to eat fantastic food at a price we can afford,times are hard but Aldi keeps us fed which is a great comfort,staff are always cheerie and helpful ,thank you Aldi reeds lane moreton Wirral .

        • Have just done my survey it worked fine. The numbers are at the bottom of your reciept next to the date 4 blocks of 3 numers.

        • In the 4th box when entering the numbers, if you only have two numbers put a 0 in front of the the numbers that you have.
          My problem is I get half way through the survey and then it say ‘Time out’. Very anonnying as i’d like to give Aldi a good review..

        • Aldi don’t do rip-off. Are you sure you have put the correct numbers in. I have just completed the survey with no problems

      • The numbers are beside the date at the bottom of your receipt. There is a * followed by 4 digits. Ignore these. Then there is 11 digits split with /’s. These are the numbers you need. The /’s indicate the boxes. Hope this helps.

        • Having lived in Germany with my family for many years. It is really fantastic that in our town OSWESTRY Shropshire. We have not 1 but 2 Aldi stores.
          We now do our main shop at either store. Buying all the Quality goods at a reasonable price that we used to do when serving in Germany. Magic Aldi keep it going .Just adored the Bratwurst and Frickadelle.Just need the Saur Kraut and Zenf, (Mustard)lol. Thanks Mr Aldi,
          Till code 778/077/003/030.
          Date of shop,21.09.16.
          12 21 hrs.

      • I am trying very hard to do the survey and have entered tellaldi.com but it just takes me to an instruction site and God knows how many other survey sites. Help, Aldi?

    • I have never had any difficulty in doing the survey.
      You must be putting in the wrong numbers. The 11 required numbers come at the bottom of the till receipt just before the date.
      Try again !
      I am still trying to win !!

  2. Aldi is a life line to me and my family being able to eat fantastic food at a price we can afford,times are hard but Aldi keeps us fed which is a great comfort,staff are always cheerie and helpful ,thank you Aldi reeds lane moreton Wirral . Terminal I’d 25674161

  3. I am usually happy with my aldi products ,however I bought maris piper potatoes £1.89 on Monday,came to use them today and when peeled it is obvious how poor they are,all bruised,as well as rotten,very dissapointing and a waste of money.

    • Re the comment about Maris Piper potatoes prices expensive but all ways bruised, mine were the same, I’m now buying mine at Asda, not one bruise in sight, I really like Aldi hate pulling them down, but, they deffo need to change suppliers for their potatoes.

  4. I have shopped at Aldi since you opened . I have never been disapointed with either the food or other goods. Tools are fantastic (according to my husband) and my cat loves your biscuits.
    The staff are very helpful with a smile even though they are always busy.
    I love Aldi, keep on growing and stay customer friendly.
    Vera Rushton

  5. I’ve recently emigrated from South Africa to join my husband whose just relocated to Towcester. We always shop at the Aldi in Towcester. The staff are always friendly & efficient. The shelves are always fully stocked with a wide range of products. Aldi offers great value for money & it’s always a pleasure shopping here.

  6. I was trying to do your Customer Survey but got stuck on the Day I Visited the Store – I tried various ways of putting the date in but it would not accept any.
    Can you please tell me the correct format for the date of visit in order that I can complete the survey?
    Thank you

  7. Hi I been aldi store today wich is in Northfield I go as usual this store never had a single problem food is good and staff is very good& help full

  8. Our family have been going to Aldi for years . So it is of no surprise that shopping at Aldi is a growing trend.

  9. Visited newly refurbed Norton Retail Park Aldi very impressed with set up especially wider aisles. Bargains as usual. ‘I’ll be back’!

  10. I have shopped at Aldi since a store was opened in Eccles, about 20 years ago.What more can I say? I love the food and find the biscuits are very good.Love the Meatballs in fact I find that I am always pleased with whatever I buy.
    Emma on the till today is a pleasant and helpful girl and so is Kyle who I spoke to last week. There is always a surprise when paying at the till, everything is so cheap and good quality.Thank you Aldi, I will be back next week as always

  11. You’re not consistent on your products. For example, if you bring in a popular product to the store, once is gone, you don’t repeat it again. That’s very annoying.

  12. I have been shopping at Aldi for years because the staff are very helpful and the products are very good value for money. The quality of the fresh products are second to none.

    • Wonderful staff,. Helpful at all times when I,m sometimes searching for items I require and cannot find? Products are excellent with a wide choice of items other suppliers do not stock.

  13. Nespresso compatible coffee capsules.
    We enjoyed the intenso coffee capsules and would like to buy more but didn’t like the decaffeinated variety. Seems like that is the general consensus of opinion because there are lots of decaff in store at Coalville but no intenso and that has been the case for a few weeks now. The store assistant explained that they come in a mixed pack and no more will be delivered until overall stocks run low. I think you are missing some sales here and should either revise the ratio or pack them separately to maximise sales and customer coffee satisfaction.

  14. most of Aldi goods are more tasty than other supermarkets and cheaper,By the way there Bacon is the best we have Tasted ever

  15. Visited Aldi on 18/06/2015. Much more roomier aisles, less clutter and good store layout compared to there direct competitor. Another big plus is that it stocks local farm products.

  16. Aldi is a life line to me and my family being able to eat fantastic food at a price we can afford,times are hard but Aldi keeps us fed which is a great comfort,staff are always cheerie and helpful ,thank you Aldi Batley west yorkshire

  17. I like the oterhave shipped at Aldi for the first time and I was pleased with the shop and the staff the produce all seems to be good time will tell if I am right or wrong

  18. we have done are shopping at aldi ever since it opend its doors and we love it all they cater for everyone and they keep there prices low well done to everyone in store

  19. I always use aldi because their price are very low and their staff are very friendly and helpful, I do all my week shop there.

  20. i love shopping in aldi because its very cheep there, the people are very nice all my family shop in aldi ,i go shopping every thursday.i love going up there

  21. Courteous & efficient staff, in a clean , clear enviroment to shop, with quality products, just that little bit different from the rest. We live over 20 miles from the shop & think nothing of doing a forty mile round trip to do our weeks shopping.

  22. The staff in aldi are always very pleasant in Widnes . Food is always good value and more
    important good quality .

  23. Love going to Aldi always plenty to choose from staff lovely and helpful . Go every week and love all the different promotions. Well done Aldi .

  24. Love Aldi they have great food and drinks at affordable prices. Really friendly staff. always check out the specials on offer.

  25. Aldi in Stockton Heath, is very good value and its reasonable, the staff could be more helpful rather than cramming everything at their till end; they should be helping customer pack there trolley’s.
    My friends father goes there for DIY things, and he always says that they have good deals, cheaper than B&Q
    (778/014/002/1340) – Date 07/07/15 Time: 17:25

  26. Very competitive prices and Good consumer goods.
    Friendly & Nice services by the staff.
    Three cheers for Aldi.

  27. Shop at aldi every week, great prices great choice and the staff are so friendly. Highly recommend anyone who hasn’t shopped there to give it a
    try you won’t be disappointed
    My receipt number is 778/040/001

  28. Aldi is my main shop. I think the food and products are really fantastic and great competition for the other grocery stores.
    My local Aldi is very handy, always clean and the staff helpful.

  29. Aldi in Barrow in furness, Risedale area is a good store, but too many big trolleys. More people get the smaller ones, thus big queues waiting for them as staff put all the plants in the way.

  30. Hi to everyone @ Aldi my weekly shop is always Aldi I love going to your shop in 4 fulbar Rd Paisley. Value for money and a good selection of products. And a great website to look at.
    Thanks Aldi.

  31. I found the service very good from Aldi today. I went to get some shopping and the lady or man was very good with me I got everything that I needed from the store . The people in the store are very nice I have got nothing bad to say about anybody in Aldi the price of shopping is also reasonable.

  32. 772/075/004/120 15.07 15 15:32 The food is top quality, with variety at reasonable prices. The lady that served me today has excellent customer service skills. Good example for service standards in store.

  33. I have shopped in Aldi since it opened in Ebbw Vale I was in that long observing all the prices and I’m happy to say I saved £40.00 pounds that day on leaving sadly received a parking ticket for £70.00 when Queried this as I had spent more than £30.00 it was waived Thank You I love your products definitely value for money, I get on well with your staff very polite and hepful Thanks again.

  34. I shopped at the Adli in Bristol Rd ,Gloucester yesterday.
    As a visitor I was very impressed with the store and the service .
    I also want to comment on the brilliant customer service .
    A young member of staff called Rob ,had just finished his shift and he help me around the corner to my daughter’s with my heavy bags …I had tried to contact my daughter to come and collect me but she didn’t answer her phone …as I couldn’t carry my bags I had returned into the store to ask if I could use the trolley .
    A member of management asked Rob if he would help ,as it was on his way home.
    I was very impressed with Rob’s willingness to help an older person .
    I live in Coventry and I will defiantly be looking at shopping in Aldi in the future and really hope I find the same brilliant customer service .
    Many regards ,thank you very much.
    Rita Bell

  35. We have just returned from shopping in Hednesford Aldi and are amazed at the amount of shopping we have managed to buy for a mere £46.00. We shall be returning next week as we are extremely pleased with our purchases.

  36. We have just returned from shopping in Hednesford Aldi and are amazed at the amount of shopping we have managed to buy for a mere £46.00. We shall be returning next week as we are extremely pleased with our purchases.
    772/090/001/108 17.07.15 14.56

  37. Tried to do your survey today but survey came up so small & would’nt let me print anything off. I was disappointed with this. But not with Aldi shopping. We go every week & save loads of money.

  38. I go to Aldi at Hessle every week for my weekly shop. I find meat fish & poultry very good value. A good Choice in all lines. The staff are very polite & efficient, the quickest till operators in the world.

  39. what can i say to do aldi justice it is simplythe best great prices good variety and plenty of british goods so thankyou.

  40. Fantastic prices so much choice of vegetables and fruit so healthy and fresh the staff are so polite and helpful nothing too much trouble to give you advice

  41. I am a regular and a very satisfied customer of ALDI store in Gorgie. I visit the store daily. It is very good in terms of variety and cost of products. I would like to recommend it to all.
    The most fabulous thing is the behavior of all the stores crew. They are very helpful and friendly. They will guide you in all possible ways.

  42. Ex Morrisons Employee and shopper never to return. Aldi is fantastic value for money. Clean environment. Friendly and helpful staff. Steaks to die for that melt in your mouth. Special offers, love them. Just enough lines to do your shopping without going over your budget. Selection of wines are fantastic. We even shopped in Aldi while in France this year. Don’t break the formula it’s a winner.

  43. Aldi is amazing! I swapped a few years ago after a friend took me their whilst on holiday in Oben. Have saved a fortune and for those that say you can’t get all your weeks shopping there I say “yes you can!”, apart from HP sauce!!!

  44. Widnes Aldi is great value for money and more important first rate produce . The staff are friendly and helpful .

  45. I love Aldi the Staff are so helpful. As I’m disabled the help take my shopping to the car each time I shop and other shoppers are great as well if I’m struggling to reach things or lift heavy items, it done for me. I hoe that they will soon do online shopping so I don’t have to make the effort to walk around the store though I shall miss my visits

    • I agree with the friendliness of the customers in ALDI just normal good old working class people like me! Those ‘snobby’ type that bring there own bags to fool the neighbours need to stay away tho lol ! Thanks ALDI for great prices. Have to agree with the person who said you cant always get what you bought the week before. But on the whole worth the visit

  46. I am a fussing shopper and always require value for money! Whilst, Aldi does not cover all my grocery needs, the items I do buy are always great value for money and good quality. For nearly three years shopping at Aldi has saved me on average over £20.00 per week in comparison to Tesco’s! Your other non-food items are again competitively price with relatively good value for quality for money. Great show- keep it up.

  47. I have shopped at Aldi every week for seventeen years. it has developed and improved over this time and everything is a good buy. Try to avoid making your stores too big! I have tried to enter for the prize voucher but cannot get passed the other competitions involved.

  48. I think aldi is a most convenient for us because of the opening times for it and the staff are amazing to help you.

  49. I went to aldi today between me shopping at asda and ice land I have saved £40 I am so happy living on a budget that makes a lot of difference thank you.

  50. 6977778/051/004/125. Love shopping at aldi , great food , great prices and lovely staff that always have time to help you , I always tell my friends to go there because the food is great quality and the price is great too x

  51. Shopped today at aldi Bentley bridge, value for money all the way, like the store wide isles, nice staff, keep giving us “value for money” ALDI………..

  52. Moved swiftly through the store to get my favourite things. I saw that there was a bit of a queue but as always the staff also recognised this and opened another till so that every customer was able to complete their shop and get on their way. Got home to enjoy the lean lamb steaks with sweet potato and fresh broccoli. Thanks Aldi.

  53. My wife and I like to shop at Aldi because the products on sale are of equal quality as the main brands, I have always championed Aldi and now my wife is coming round to having more confidence in the products on sale so we now shop mainly at your stores the store at Hindley nr Wigan is our nearest.
    Staff always happy to help and quick to smile. The stores are getting busy now so we pick times when it’s quiet, not many of those now though!
    Keep on expanding, you can’t go wrong.

  54. I shop at the aldi store Eastway Middleton manchester.The staff are very helpful and friendly .There is no waiting in big long queue,s for what seemed like forever.The fresh food is very fresh with plenty of variety sometime maybe there will be a free-from range.

  55. I used to shop at one of the leading supermarkets, not anymore for quality and price Aldi leads the way. They don’t keep moving things around therefore you can always find them and the staff at my local store are always very friendly.

  56. This is only my second visit to Aldi to do a grocery shop. I am so impressed with the freshness of the fruit and vegetables, everything really I can,t fault it. The trifles are are as good as Marks and Spencers delicious and best of all the price of everthing. My daughter suggested I start shopping there, she has two young sons and says she saves about forty pound a week on food. Aldi here I come every week now

  57. A all round great supermarket. Food fresh and good sell by dates.
    Clean and safe.
    ALL staff very helpful.
    Shop here weekly -have left ASDA
    Not at all like similar supermarket

  58. we have shopped at Aldi in Warrington next to Bank Park since it opened. The staff are very friendly and helpful, nothing is too much trouble. We do a weekly shop and are always amazed at the quality and low price of the food and tools. Long may you continue to do so. We also like the fact that a lot of the food is from local producers.

  59. Value for your money from a great selection to choice from, in a friendly family service, never been disappointed when visiting an Aldi store, and in and out with little or no fuss, makes shopping a as simple as say Aldi!

  60. Great prices. Aldi makes the housekeeping go further If Aldi’s can sell goods at lower prices, why cannot all Super Markets do the same. At least Aldi’s have made other Super Markets think, but unfortunately they have lost their customers to Aldi’s as I am sure the public will not trust any the other Super Markets in the future. I for one will be ‘sticking’ to Aldi. Thank you.

  61. Products and price good but not enough staff on the till always a queue and the checkout person throws the goods at you could do better

  62. Where are the express checkouts as in other supermarkets. Till queuing is very tedious when you only have a few items. There are never enough tills open at any Aldi I have been in in North Wales. No problem with the quality of the food though.

  63. We always shop at aldi and are always so impressed with the selection and quality of all of the goods in your store. The value for money on food items is excellent! we shopped in store today and I’ve just made my tea for as little as £2.00!! each time we come in we always see something at a great price or even something new to try and often say “wow look at the price of this let’s get 4 packs” Keep up the amazing work aldi!! We love you at our house!!

  64. I have used Aldi since the first shop opened in alfreton nottingham many years ago, the food is excellent good value for money the staff are always helpful. I used Hucknall Aldi and now one in Kirkby in Ashfield where i live. keep up the good work and one day you will be the top supermarket.

  65. Aldi has always been my main shop as the quality of all goods is high and prices are kept low. I am always encouraging friends and colleagues to shop in Aldi at least once as Aldi food is just as tasty if not tastier than other brands. Other goods and clothing has never disappointed me either. The only thing I really wish Aldi would introduce is ladies’ shoe sizes beyond size 7. Please. Otherwise excellent shop.
    Katja, Derbyshire

  66. have shopped at aldi since the opening in southmead Bristol find staff always polite and helpful except an occasional Manager( not so pleasant) also I feel this store could be a little tidier and cleaner but will continue to still shop at aldi but not for everything have reverted back to another store.

  67. Love Aldi, i have switched over to Aldi full time now and can buy everything I want including washing powder and toiletries, dont even bother with other supermarkets now, so reasonable, lovely food, cheaper than others and the best bit is they are super fast at the checkout which I love as i dont have time for slow cashiers! thankyou Aldi

  68. I visited the Cupar, Fife store at 9.30am this morning 7th August. When i went to the checkout the assistant took my trolley from the end of the belt and said ‘I WILL JUST MOVE THIS TO THE MIDDLE SO WE CAN LOAD QUICKER’. there was no other customers waiting. There was no ” good morning” or other greeting. He then proceeded to rush the items onto the tiny counter whereby they started to fall over. When i asked why he was rushing items through he explained” thats how i’ve been trained”. when i said ” but there are no other customers he said” i have other things to do” and i asked “at the expense of your customers satisfaction” whereby he just stared at me with contempt. When i payed by credit card, the reader said Thank you for shopping at Aldi so i removed the card whereby he said” the transaction has not gone through i will need to do it again as the receipt was not fully printed”. When i explained that it indicated remove card and thank you he again just looked at me with contempt. I then suggested that Aldi needs to train staff in customer care and again he just looked at me with contempt. No apology or explanation. Nothing.

  69. I find shopping at Aldi to be very economical. The staff are also most helpful. I am comfortable recommending Aldi to friends.

  70. My wife & i have being going to aldi in Ashington for about 6 years now not only the staff are very friendly they work very very hard.it’s a delight to shop at Aldi’s and that shoppers who don’t shop at Aldi’s should to become aware of how down to earth and money saving it is shopping at there.My wife & i are not easy convinced on fluctuation prices but at aldi they are always very reasonable.They will go from strength to strength.good luck to all the team at aldi’s.All the staff are worth there weight in gold.Keep up the good work,we appreciated.

  71. My partner and i do most of our weekly shop in Aldi in the Elgin store Moray
    We also try to buy all the new and different named products from abroad. The low cost of our weekly shop is amazing .But my one criticism of the store is when we come to the check out its a case of shove all your messages into the trolly quickly give me your money and get out. The girl or boy on the check out may be the only person i might speak to that day but the speed they have to put the products into the trolly does away with any conversation we might have, I don’t know if any other Aldi stores operate this policy it would be interesting to know .

  72. I love Aldi in Knotty Ash Liverpool for the staff are wonderful they are always very helpful and full of advise the store is having a refit at the moment and no disruption to custermers the food,fruit,veg, meat,fish,drink,frozen goods,and all the products are of wonderful standard the price is perfect to suit every ones pocket I would like to see if anybody could do better THANK YOU ALDI AND THE STAFF AT MY LOCAL STORE.

  73. Hiya, I am trying to do your feed back – there is no where to put the details!!! I visit the Leicester Meridian store and go twice may three times a week, I was chatting to the store asst and he advised me that out of the 57000 visits to the store this week only 7 yes 7 people have gone on for the survey, well if its because we are having difficulties then this would answer your/their question. Please fix this or email me and I will be happy to complete the survey. I must say all the staff are very professional and always love to chat and make us feel valued.

    • I love going to Aldi and looking around for something a little bit different from other supermarkets!! Aldi is my favourite shop.

  74. We have used Aldi supermarket now for several years , having previously shopped at another local leading supermarket. We have found that we have saved a lot of money on our regular fortnightly shop. The quality is very good & we have never had a problem with any items we have purchased. It is especially good value during the school holiday when we have the grandchildren to feed!! The staff are always helpful & courteous. The Aldi store that we visit is 16 miles away in King’s Lynn & it is well worth the journey. A big ‘Thank You’ Aldi.

  75. I just live round the corner and it is very good access to get to if i need somthing. There is a good variety of fresh fruit and is very cheep

  76. Have been shopping at Aldi in Gorgie, Edinburgh, for the past 2 years. The quality of food and the helpfulness and cheeriness of all members of staff make it a pleasure to visit.

  77. We like shopping at Aldi as there are always good offers on and good prices. The staff are always pleasant but are always very busy but still have time to chat to you whilst serving you. They have to carry out more than one job, I.e. Cash out and loading shelves. They do really need more staff to help them. They must be exhausted at the end of their working day. You never know which till to go to as they always closing one down and then opening another which is a bit annoying. I realise this keeps the cost down but sometimes you need more staff.

  78. I have shopped at aldi for many years and always found true value for a very good price
    the latest special on fishing tackle has saved me around a hundred or so pounds
    compared to my local tackle shop thank you ALDI

  79. 7933777/074/001/126. 8.8.15. I want to thank Mark McCafferty and Louise who came to my assistance when my Husband Ian became unwell while shopping at the store at the Retail Park in Clydebank . They were both so calm and contacted the ambulance service for me . Mark spoke calmly to my husband and gave the information needed to the operator . The ambulance was there in minutes and after tests Ian was taken to the new Q.E. Hospital.
    Thankfully after a few hours he was allowed home. I went down to the store in the evening and Mark recognised me and came to ask how Ian was.. I really appreciated his and Louise’s help and although Mark was busy he took the time to be interested in what had happened. I cannot commend their prompt action and kindness enough.

  80. Great choice, good prices, helpful staff. Some lovely childrens’ books which make super gifts. What more could you ask for! We Love Aldi’s stores 🙂

  81. I shop at aldi all the time,and have always found their produce really good,and great value for money and the cashiers very friendly

  82. Very impressed with the staff attitude.
    The variety of thing to choose from and the availability makes it compelling for me to keep coming back.
    Bravo to the entire team.

  83. my first visit to the new Aldi in Gosport, amazing prices, cheerful helpful staff, and a smiling face at the check out. No wonder the so called big 4 supermarket chains are worried.

  84. I work around the country on contract work, 6 months here 9 months there and the second thing I do after finding lodgings is look for the local Aldi.
    Aldi has restored my faith in top quality food at a rock bottom price, I would not entertain any other supermarket any more.
    I know that what I get from Aldi is excellent and my family totally agree, we were big Sainsburys fans but even my partner agrees that Aldi is as good and in most cases better not just cheaper but better quality. If I could buy shares in Aldi I would be a millionaire in a few years.
    Aldi is not just a cheap supermarket its the leading supermarket and it beats the so called big boys every time.
    Well done Aldi.

  85. Great choice, good prices, helpful staff. Some lovely childrens’ books which make super gifts. What more could you ask for! We Love Aldi’s stores

  86. Aldi is buy far the best for shopping and friendly staff even got my 85year old mum shopping there don’t go to any other store love there fruit ,meat ect wine great prices

  87. Aldi shopping is good and varied.
    2 suggestions for the future:-
    1. A night-shift for stacking shelves rather than taking till staff away for tills an blocking up aisles an shelve access during the day.
    2. Staff should be trained on how to manage plants in store, i.e watering. All through the summer I have seen our local store at Kirkstall killing plants, (some costing £20.00), whole carriers full of dying flowers, all through lack of watering. Write offs must cost you a fortune if this is standard practice.

  88. I consider Aldi now with its range of products to be the equal of all their competitors and lots of their products are better.We also like the attitude of their staff helpful and courteous attitude.There is also a watch on till build ups and staff quickly attending to it.


  90. Don’t shop here as much now as no gluten free bread and all the sausages and meatballs have wheat in them. Asda now have a massive range of “ordinary” food that they have taken it out of. Pity but it’s a real hassel going to more than one shop.

  91. We Started shopping at ALDI just over a year ago, wish we had discovered them much earlier. Savings are very impressive as is their Food Quality, Can’t fault them, even on the work zone aisles. Sensible Prices for Quality goods. Normally I hate shopping with a vengeance but give me ALDI any day. Brilliant staff,Good Quality food, great prices, great selections, Ample Parking, Hey ! you won’t get this anywhere else without coming out feeling your wallet has been through a Mangle.

  92. Sarah at Aldi Batley rd is always friendly and efficient .The products are good and the prices excellent and there is always something different to try in the food aisles ! Also offers on all kinds of products .ref no on receipt 779/094/003/122

  93. Short changed by £10 in the Camborne branch. Not an impressive shopping experience. I swear this happens far too often in that store.

  94. I enjoyed my shop at aldi as the prices are much cheaper then other shops and the staff always happy to serve you

  95. some years ago we lived round the corner from the branch in waterloo ashton our children grew up knowing what shopping at aldi meant good value for money and lots of treats, they grew up with pleasant and friendly staff who would go that extra mile. we now shop at the aldi store near to ashton town center some of the staff are still there, and we still get the same friendly service, value for money and first class products. WELL DONE ALDI KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

  96. i shop in the withernsea branch of aldis i love shopping in there the prices and choice of food are wonderful…the staff are always polite ….one particular member is always cheerful and happy to serve you is julie z …… i try to go to her checkout if she is working …she always has a smile and an sense of honesty about her …thank you

  97. I have shopped in Aldi since it opened in Gillingham Kent. I advocate your stores to all of my friends and family, enjoying to buy your special offers, but I am disappointed in the time limit that is put on the car park not enabling me time to look around your wares.
    If I visit the shop when I go by bus I cannot buy everything that I need due to the fact I cannot carry it all In my trolly.
    8824776/032/005/25 15/08/15 16/30

  98. I find your products to be good and at competitive prices. I buy most of my weekly shop at the Newbury store and find the people that work there pleasant and helpful. I am only sorry the shop is not bigger. More importantly the car park needs to be double the size as it is difficult to find a space other than later in the evening or occasionally lunch times.

  99. i have not been to aldi for a few weeks but decided to do my shop there today, i expected the bill to be about £70 and was delighted to pay £52.77!!!!!!!!!! The staff were very friendly and laughing and joking with their colleagues and customers, it’s like visiting family
    Thank you Aldi
    From a very satisfied customer

  100. my reference number is 779/016/002/125 17.08.15 12.01
    forgot to add this to my comment a few moments ago, and i went to the Pontefract Aldi store

  101. My reference number is 778/018/002/021. My cashier today was KATIE who I have to say was so pleasant and welcoming. The Prestatyn store serves a good class of person and the staff employed there are equally so. The store is run extremely well and kept well stocked. My only criticism would be there are too many unsold items of “specials” kept for far too long and makes the store look untidy. I feel sure that more food products would be welcomed in these places. ALDI – I HAVE TO SAY, YOU HAVE DONE PRESTATYN PROUD !!

  102. I visited your Bearwood store in Smethwick on 19/08/15
    My code is 772/009/007/142 and I was served by Marcin.
    I shop in aldi a few times a month and get very good value for money and am very happy to say I will continue to do so.

    • I go to aldi at least twice a week and the service and staff are first class all the time would not go to another super market.

  103. As I live right opposite Aldi, I use it most days for essentials such as bread and milk. At least once a week, I will do a ‘big shop’, which will vary between a cost of £60-90 a week.
    I have recently purchased school uniforms for my two small children, and as an avid runner, I often buy sports equipment. My ten year old son loves fishing, therefore we have bought fishing equipment, which I feel is priced very reasonably.
    I have used Aldi for over 13 years now as my main source of supermarket as I feel the meat, fruit and vegetables are all good quality,
    I find the staff to be very helpful, and as i have known the manager for a very long time, I consider her as a friend.
    I have a car, and live just as close to a Morrisons supermarket, however, I still prefer to use Aldi.

    • 20.08.15.
      Wendy Marsh.
      Wellington, Telford store.
      I have been using Aldi most days, for over 13 years.
      As i live just yards away, it is convenient and reasonably priced.
      I usually spend between £60-90 a week on a ‘big shop’, however, I also use it daily too, for essentials such as bread and milk. I find the meat, fruit and vegetables to be good quality. However, I also spend money on running and sports equipment.
      My ten year old son is a keen fisherman, therefore the fishing equipment has also been purchased recently as well as school uniforms.
      As i have been using my local Aldi store for many years, I have come to good friends with the manager. This gives a lovely environment for me to shop in.

  104. Hi I visited Llangefni store yesterday, the staff were pleasant and helpful as always. I shop here 2 or 3 times a week, the fresh produce is excellent, the choice of products are superb and of course the prices are unbeatable.
    Thank you Aldi

  105. my reference number is 775/025/006/108 hounslow ,aldi is the best for me, every thing nice and new ,clean ,good prices,stuff fantastic

  106. My code is 772/009/006/127 served by Jas
    shopped in Smethwick Bearwood as we do every week, we gave up on Sainsburys and have not looked back, the only niggle is crowded aisles- I can put up with those as I,m saving loads.

  107. What a (SUPER)market ALDI love it great fruit & veg great meat great accessories great drinks great food and not forgetting GREAT STAFF
    in Bootle always so cheerful & so helpful its a pleasure to be served by them they always have the time to ask how u are and have small talk with you while there serving you plus I have found this in other stores when I have been out of my erea and poped into another Aldi store if this how u train them then u have been successful.

  108. 778/021/002/106
    21.08.2015 Bootle store. I wrote a comment earlier but think I left this information out sorry

  109. Today (22nd Aug) I visited the Syston Store my code is 8779 772/030/005/116. The staff were very pleasant and friendly serving customers very efficiently as always. I am very happy with the quality of produce at Aldi and delighted at the prices! Great value for money, I will continue to shop there.

  110. Two days ago I purchased a box of cherries £1.09 and today found that I had to
    consign them all to the bin! These must have been of the same batch I purchased a week ago which were fine but the latest batch should have been taken off the shelf.
    Also I would have liked £50 cashback after my purchases amounting to £46.51 on the same day but was told that I should have requested same at the start of the checkout of my goods. I did not want to withdraw £50 on my credit card (which I used for my purchases) because I would have been charged a fee for so doing. On passing thru the checkout for a second time
    with a 65p bag of sugar, my request for £50 cash back on my debit card was declined. Can you throw some light on this subject please? RM.

  111. We do all our shop at Aldi now after many many years with Morrisons. We notice the bill is at least £20 less at Aldi for the same amount of groceries and also we seem to spend less time in the store.
    My code is : 778/078/001/105

  112. Visited Wakefield Aldi 10am Sunday – Food excellent, quick through the tills, very friendly staff. I will definitely switch to Aldi from now on.

  113. I bought sun blast kids bottled drinks from Aldi, my little girl said it tasted ‘YUCKI’ so I decanted it into a glass and found what looks like a slug in the bottle !!!!!

  114. I am very happy with the quality of produce at Aldi. Also prices are much cheaper then other shops and the staff always happy to serve you. The quality is very good & we have never had a problem with any items we have purchased. Excellent value for money.

  115. I shop regularly at aldi in redcar and i have always find it a positive experience!the range and quality of goods is excellent and the weekly specials are fantastic value!all the staff are unfailingly helpful and friendly!i would(indeed i have)recommend aldi to all my family and friends!i have actually done this to strangers on buses in pubs and even at a recent “high end(a bit pretentious)wedding”!!

  116. Harrods service at Aldi prices wonderful, and the service from Mel today, so quick and efficient , and one young man went and got me a selection of chips as the freezer was being refilled, could not ask for more ,

  117. I have been a regular Aldi customer since the first day it opened in Prestatyn. Aldi is great value for money, goods are always fresh and the staff are always helpful and very pleasant. Today I was served by Christine who has been with Aldi as long as it has been open. She is always very pleasant and I always have a laugh with her. She is definitely an asset to Aldi. Thank you Aldi for your wonderful service.

  118. Served by Corey 778/063/001/009 yesterday on check out. He as al the staff are a credit to Aldi at Mold, Flintshire. The quality of food are other goods are always first class.
    Couldn’t do without the shop. Thank you.

  119. We recently changed our shopping habits as we practised for retirement and having less income!!!!!
    I wish that we had changed to shopping at Aldi years ago. Our shopping bill has dropped by at least a third but the quality of produce is exactly the same. The shopping experience is great. All of the staff go out of their way to help in any way they can and nothing is too much trouble.Everyone is polite and cheerful.
    Well done to all Aldi staff from a very happy customer.

  120. From the day the Aldi store opened in Haverhill, Suffolk, I started shopping there and I have never once been back to Sainburys or Tesco to do my weekly shop. I have converted all my friends to Aldi and they are amazed at the quality and value for money…..but I’d been telling them that for years!

  121. Visit Aldi every week for all our shopping usually spend around £60/90£s excellent quality food and veggies,been an Aldi shopper for over 20yrs,have a lovely lady called Lisa at the Gainsborough branch,always smiling,very informative she is a credit to the store.

  122. Love aldi can get everything under one roof with out it costing a arm and a leg great products at great prices. Customer service has all ways been good every time I’m here there, to finding products to being served nice and quickly at the till, staff are all ways happy to help and very bubbly and happy. I don’t go any where else now, proud aldi shopper.

  123. Tried twice with two different sets of numbers to attempt to complete survey as my wife and I find Aldi generally very good. Both attempts timed out within 30 seconds!

  124. LOVE Aldi , love their groceries especially their fruits and veg, even though aldi is more cheaper than other shops you still get vouchers to save more is really FANTASTIC.
    Another thing that makes me happy is mamia pampers and wipes great quality and affordable; good value for money.
    I LOVE my Aldi openshaw . 773/009/003/127

  125. Staff friendly ,helpful,hardworking. Store often untidy,aisles strewn with packaging
    displays sometimes chaotic. Plants need instore WATERING …..can be like a plant
    graveyard. Some times have to return avocado,onions ,broccilli,salad, Frozen
    apple crumble. Prices very good, advertising wonderful!

  126. I’d heard all the hype about Aldi, the excellent quality of the produce and the great prices but I am a creature of habit – that was until a new one was built just up the road from where I live. I thought I would pop in and see for myself – and I must admit I am now a convert. I love everything in there and quite honestly say that there is nothing I dont like. New lines are being introduced regularly and I am happy with having extra cash being left over at the end of the month to teat the family to a take away. Thanks Aldi !

  127. ALDI STORES LTD CARTER LANE SHIREBROOK. Great staff and low price always fresh food. I and my familly always bay in ther. *6488 779/065/007/126

  128. My partner and i go to aldi every week without fail, we used to shop at tesco for years and found that we were spending a silly amount for shopping so we switched and now never go anywhere else. We find it is very good value for money and would not think of going back to other supermarkets. Excellent.

  129. Have tried to do the survey , but it`s not showing on my PC ..Only a comment box .. But my experience with Aldi have been brilliant since they opened in Newbury Berkshire …The Staff are friendly very helpful ..Management included ..I have only ever had to take products back twice ant they have been exchanged with no question a polite manner and an apology ..No question Best Supermarket in Town

  130. Aldi Skelmersdale is an excellent store. Good range of products, well stocked, clean and well organised store. The staff are all very helpful, efficient and willing to help. They all greet you with a smile and kind words. They deal with large volumes of customers quickly and without fuss. This store applies common sense and it shows in the service they provide. The only downside is their opening hours are restricted as they are inside the shopping complex. I would use the store more if it was open later in the evening.

  131. We love shopping at aldi we can get everything we need for a lot less. .@ its always fresh ..especially the flowers. ..thay last twice as long. .as any others big supermarkets. .

  132. I have been trying to get on the site after my shopping today to try and win £100 shopping voucher but have be unable to get on. Pt keeps directing me elsewhere.

  133. Dear aldi ,
    I know it’s probebly ment to be 18 or over but I just want to say how good you really are.Your stock is wonderful and full of goodness for everyone. Your staff are well trained and kind to customers. If you need help someone is always around the corner. So again please don’t stop selling.
    Tamzin clarke

  134. Fantastic, I love Aldi and it feels like my second home!! But has anyone ever actually won the vouchers from the survey? I enter with most receipts but never had any contact back and usually once you give your email you are inundated with offers etc. beginning to wonder if actaully exists

  135. I love aldi all the veg are so fresh and well stocked it is my second home ,and the flowers last for ever they are wonderful .The staff are so helpful and friendly and very good to help you at any time all ways have time for you .

  136. Please accept my entry and chance to win £100 in also vouchers.
    This is my first visit to the store, and I was pleasantly surprised. The staff were helpful and cheerful and polite.
    The montage st blackburn store most certainly gets my vote and will visit again.

  137. Visited my local Aldi yesterday. And,contrary to what others say on this site I found the whole experience akin to having teeth pulled. A painful, bloody mess. As in every store, the groceries and food is just around the perimeter of the store, and in the middle, where space is at a premium. The entire centre aisles are filled with cheap, tacky, throw away tat that defies belief. This week is shabby chic clothes (emphasis on shabby) so have a whole section filled with poor quality, dated, jackets, leggings and tops, that have a quality like you find in cheap street markets. That not take your fancy? How about Slippers that even Grandma wouldn’t touch as they look so bad, food heater grill/oven things that wouldn’t warm or melt an ice cube. Or bottles of oil filled with chilli’s or peppercorns or whatever. It just reminds me of a warehouse for knock off, bankrupt stock.
    Add to this, the fact that near the tills there are so many trolleys waiting to get all of this onto the checkout conveyors that you cannot move around the aisles because some jerk is blocking the entire end is enough to make my blood boil.
    If you go to Asda, or Tesco’s their goods, with their own brand budget range is just as cheap, if not cheaper than the goods sold in this store, so you hardly make any savings compared to these, and if doesn’t taste “metallic” like all the tins of beans, spaghetti or soup from Aldi. The £0.000005p saving in not coating a can properly so that it doesn’t taint the contents isn’t good value, its a mistake.
    So there you go, hate this shop. Why I go there, ever is a mystery to me.
    Off to Asda, to replace all the stuff I’ve just bought.

  138. I am very happy to shop at aldi I cannot believe how much I have been able to save over
    The last few months. When one has only £30 to spend on food for the week ald has been my good luck charm.
    Thanks aldi for your help.
    Val hignett

  139. Brilliant service from Accrington Branch. The staff are always polite and helpful.
    Love saving money at Aldi. Why dont you open a branch at Padiham Lancashire?
    The old Co-op is empty and padiham residents are cying out for an Aldi!

  140. I shopped at Aldi Llandudno today and as usual was impressed by the quality and price of the produce. My English family visit often and they have no difficulty emptying my fridge and cupboards of your tasty fayre. Also, i have to add, your staff are always polite and helpful, even when the shop is heaving with shoppers. I would recommend Aldi even without the huge savings. Thank you. Please don’t change.

  141. I love aldi try to shop there whenever possible very friendly staff love most things in store love how much money we save will continue to shop at aldi .773/054/006/123 20/09/15

  142. Another observation about this survey and website. I posted my comments at 1204 (just after midday) and the time appears as 1104. Also a comment from Ray Nelson on Aug 20 2015 appears AFTER my comment on Sept 22. All indicative of sloppy programming. Doesn’t leave a good impression

  143. I like ALDI shop because is a very cheep and quality is a amazing and near my home .my family like this shop .good behaviour all staff and nice dealing and evey thing is good. Thanks

  144. when ever I shop at Aldi there is never a price that indicates to the item I wish to purchase or in the case of my last purchase of clancys cashew nuts 150g at Stevenage branch the price stated was £1.39 but charged £1.49 at checkout as usual
    no staff could be found and their was a huge que back to return to checkout

  145. Hi just I want to say was nice to do shopping in your store Kingsbury one and what I’m going to say everything is mazing good product and very good prices and very very good service as well from your employer her name is neha and thanks again

  146. Bought 2 rolls of radiator insulation yesterday, on impulse, as it was only £4.49 per roll (0.6mx7.5m). Great buy I thought, but I later noticed they had charged £9.99 per roll for it – not such a good buy. Getting a refund is a nightmare so far.

  147. I have been to Aldi 3 times and I could not believe the prices , we have a store opening close by and I can not wait. Aldi staff are so friendly and helpful , sorry Asda you are now second best.

  148. I just bought a hddtv from your llanelli branch and I have to say that the staff were extremly helpful.And as normal it was a pleasure to shop there.

  149. i love aldi i changed stores some 3 years ago and have never looked back staff are amazing always willing to help I’m never made to feel I’m a nuisance

  150. I love my local Aldi store in Horwich only 5 minutes await from my home all good products and fantastic prices. I did complain once because they displayed the milk high up which nobody could reach but they but it right immediately. The staff are all very friendly and helpfull and I was served this morning by Stuart, thanks.

  151. Fantastic prices store always stocked and can get everything I want and money still left in my pocket to spend on extras . Staff friendly and helpful. Great bargains to

  152. Have been shopping at Aldi since the store first opened at Wallsend. Now shop at the Gateshead store and cant fault the products that are sold. Staff are very helpful and if the item I require is not there then they will go into the back store to find if there is any in stock and if so bring it out for me.
    Aldi puts other brand supermarkets to shame with there prices and helpful staff.
    I am a lifetime Aldi customer.

  153. Excellent store staff very helpful and cheerie well stocked loads of offers great for household its too cheap cheerful I love it do all my shopping there now good quality too

  154. excellent value for money, excellent staff. I rate Aldi top marks 5 out of 5.we shopped there today in The Newcastle-Under-Lyme store on Blackfriars road.
    Till receipt- 6185 778/071/003/28 date 26.09.15.time 15.31

  155. Hi We absolutely love shopping at Aldi we travel a distance but it is worth it. All good products at such good prices. The staff are all friendly and at the end of the day we save pennies great. I cannot wait for the new aldi to open in Ashbourne.It will be on our door stop . Hooray . Bring it on . Receipt No. 772/043/004/103

  156. I do most of my weekly / monthly shop at Aldi. Every product / produce is excellent quality. It is also reasonably priced. The only Thing I find disappointing are the cooking sauces/ curry sauces ect. Otherwise excellent. Ps fresh fruit and veg, very good

  157. hi,we do our shopping frm aldi ,we love the quality of the food,its fresh,staff are friendly and the sevice is absolutely amazing.couldnt fault it one bit,thanx.x

  158. Have been shopping at Aldi since the store first opened in Hillmorton, Rugby.
    Which has just had an upgrade and I am very in pressed with it.
    Staff are always nice to customers and the shopping is good value plus
    very good quality. I will always shop at aldi.

  159. till receipt NO 772/063/006/112
    shop is welcoming got all I needed and more and staff are approachable friendly and always willing to help and most of all I made a big savings than if I had gone to one of their competitors. Go Aldi

  160. Our local Aldi supermarket is fab,it’s spotlessly clean, staff are always busy topping up the shelves with stock,that’s why we the customers get a pleasant shopping experience. I fined the staff always so helpful to, nothing is to much trouble for them.Thank you Aldi.

  161. I shop every week at my local Aldi store now, after being an Asda shopper for many years. The freshness and variety of products are second to none ! As a Chef all my life ( Retired ) I am used to sourcing the best produce and I must say, Aldi is the top of my list !

  162. Spent £90.91 and filled the fridge, freezer and cupboards…..Purchases included frozen scallops for only £4.99, a free range chicken also priced at £4.99, a couple of large lovely pizzas at only £2.00 each and lots of other brilliant bargains, served by polite friendly staff…….Not at all surprised that Aldi is fast becoming everyone’s favourite supermarket. Well done and thank you.
    Ref: 1654

  163. Love Aldington great prices and staff always keen to help. Good location and varied goods available. My store is knights Cliffe avenue glasgow.

  164. Just started to buy food etc from Aldi. Very good produce on the whole and excellent value. I will be shopping again very soon at the Diss store. Nice people to deal wikth and cheery staff too…

  165. I have just finished shopping at aldi for the first time I could not believe the money that I saved over your full range. I will be informing all my family and friends for them to give you a try. thanks for a great experience with all your staff being so helpful and friendly.

  166. Aldi is great! It has great value products and a good selection to choose from. Everything tastes fresh and has great flavours. The staff are always friendly and efficient.On the odd occasion that I use other supermarkets (mainly to stock up on gluten free ranges) I find them so expensive and my trolley looks bare compared with what I can get at Aldi for much less cost. If you were to start doing a gluten free bread and pasta range this would be fantastic and I would have no need to go elsewhere!! receipt number 5136773/033/002/145

  167. The ebbw vale store is just amazing the staff the products the quality is just spot on only dealt with 2 staff Amanda and john to find stuff because I was new to it all won’t be shopping any were else

  168. Aldi store in Openshaw,Ashton Old Road well done,always clean & tidy in there,well stocked always with everything you want and store staff are helpful all time and staff on tills always polite and friendly,would prefer to use this store rather than the one nearer me which is Aldi Gorton,Garret Way, store is always having things moved round to different places hardly ever any staff on shop floor and till staff not very friendly and are very slow always a long wait at the tills at Gorton Aldi never many tills open so that’s why I rather go Aldi Store in Openshawe much better

  169. I have been disabled for over 25years we go your shops most weeks ,we are finding most weeks We have to search for disabled trolly.we were in Rhyl on the 5th October ,after searching 10mins we ended up with one of the worse trollys that yuo screw on the side of the chair, it’s like a long lorry.sorry to complain but when you go regular its a big pest.we love shopping at your store but i do think a disabled person should do the next new wheel shoppers. Other than that you are excellent, perfect regards rita Hardy.

  170. Simply the best, better than all the rest, great food, quality and store lay out, for a bloke makes this weekly thankless task so much easier. Happy shopping

  171. Aldi has help me cut my food bill buy more than half the quality is second to none when it comes to there meat plus buy saving money on my shoping its helped me to a money in my pocket so for then I AM AN ALDI LOVER 🙂

  172. We regularly visit ALDI at Trinity Way Bolton and find it a really great place to shop. The everyday household groceries and other products are always first class and at the very best prices and the ALDI stocked brands definitely are as good as if not better than the ‘named brands’. The Trinity store also has a great range of none household items and regularly offers special/clearance bargains. All in all a great and recommended shopping experience.

  173. Aldi is amazing, been shopping there today, is always a pleasant and satisfying experience. Our nearest Aldi is 5 miles away in Preston, is worth the journey but am hoping that the proposed new Aldi for Longridge happens asap, be nice to pop in more often, will be walking distance from my house so will be very convenient!

  174. Aldi is a life line to me and my family being able to eat fantastic food at a price we can afford,times are hard but Aldi keeps us fed which is a great comfort,staff are always cheerie and helpful ,thank you Aldi

  175. I have been using Aldi for several years, and have found the Blyth shop gives an excellent service, till staff are very friendly, products are very good value for money with a good selection available.
    Any issues with products have always been resolved without any problem. I would recommend to anyone who hasn’t tried aldi, give them a try.
    The only thing to think about is you can not pack your bags at the tills, you have to place your purchases back in your trolley then pack them after you have left the till area, this does however give you plenty of time to organise which items you want to bag together for when you get home?
    *3553 774/019/002/125

  176. This aldi has made other shops come down in price, but too late for them. I just love aldi as I can save so much , to help pay other bills. So heres to ALDI, every time.

  177. Aldi has been a great help in helping us stay in budget. The food is good quality and the prices are fantastic. If I do go to the other big stores everything seems so expensive.

  178. We use Aldi because of all the variety of food and prices are really competitive, but most of all the staff are all so friendly and you are guaranteed a warm welcome every time you go.

  179. Aldi is quite a new store in Chester and I always used sainsbury’s for everything, but now I always go to Aldi firstly to start ticking off the “bring!” App on my phone and I have fewer and fewer items to get when I lever it’s brill.

  180. We think Aldi is good value and go every week . The only thing I dont like is how you get your things thrown at you at the cash desk even when its not busy. Also I had a lot of maris piper potatoes bruised. So I go elsewhere for those.

  181. Have been in the shop in Bunclody 3 times today! On the way to Wex and on the back. Great customer care.
    Delighted with my purchases as usual and very affordable…thanks Aldi!

  182. Your store at Bromsgrove, Worcs is Great.. We are all still amazed with the prices and quality of everything. So many offers of different things each week. The only thing I would like is a BIGGER CARPARK it is always full.

  183. Started shopping at aldi about 5months ago as fed up with expensive supermarkets, was amazed at the value and good quality of all their products, even buy their washing powder and dishwasher tablets just as good as leading brands at twice the price, please aldi don’t start raising your prices as other leading supermarkets do once established ! Staff are so courteous too, and very proffesional, well done aldi !

  184. Love Aldi quality prices and staff are always quick and pleasant.
    The only thing we dislike is some of the salad items and fruit not dated and went off very very quickly.

  185. went to aldi store saxon drive tamworth on monday 12.10.15 at 19.02 and payed for my grocerys with my debit card and when checking my statement i found that my account had been taken twice this also made my account overdrawn and i recieved charges

  186. 774/013/001/124 I can not find where to do the survey,however, i would just like to tell you of a recent visit to Alldi Netherton Westmidlands, I had to do a shop and really not wanting to go, I had lost my mom just 2 days before, i really cant remember putting things in the trolly, but on reaching the checkout, the young girl called Gemma, was so polite with such a beautiful smile she lifted my spirits, she could not have known how i was feeling and yet with her lovely nature and customer service she made me smile, Thankyou Gemma x

  187. I have been coming to aldi ever since it opened in april and I cannot believe how much money I save each week.I cannot falter it.your staff are excellent very helpful .keep up the good work.I highly recommend aldi.

    • I have been coming to ever since it open in april and cannot believe how much money I save every week.your staff are very helpful .I cannot falter it excellent shop.I will be shopping here for a very long time .I recommend it keep up the good work .thanks sue marshall.

  188. As new customer to Aldi I am unfamiliar with the layout of your store. On Sunday 18/10/2015 I asked an Assistant to find 2 items, this she did quickly and with a smile,
    Receipt Number 10007077813. Victoria io. Thank and well done

  189. 772/088/001/117 wonderful and really helpful staff , nothing is too much for them , well stocked , clean , food fresh , everything you could want from a store .

  190. Really pleased with all purchases stores are spotless fantastic choices and offers I love the late opening times working shifts in a care home means I shop on the way home the staff are always on hand to help with any query efficiently and also I have never seen empty shelves but my biggest pleasure is when the till rings and I think no way all that shopping for this amount its great glad I switched

  191. I find the Preston Road branch typical of all Aldi stores in that they are well set out, well stocked with a variety of items unable to be matched by other stores but the most important aspect is that the staff are always attentive, well informed, able to help particularly when counters are busy. A pleasure to go there which says a lot for me who hates shopping. Why is so much information asked for on entry to the competition, gender,DOB,house holder etc this is invasive

  192. I have shopped here for over 12 years and aldi has got me through baby days, jobs losses and all that life throws at you. I have always been able to out a good meal on the table with aldis prices and kept the family fed and also took advantage of all the brilliant special day offers. Brilliant store….

  193. I have shopped at Aldi in Worksop for years and I have always found the staff friendly and helpful, until my last shop when I was served by a woman called Tracy. I had picked up a dinner plate for my young Grandson which was in the sale. When I placed it on the conveyor belt at the check out with the rest of my shopping, the store assistant (Tracy) stated that they came in packs of three, I told her they were in the sale area and that the plates were not in a pack of three. Tracey stated that they were and that customers will have taken them out of the sleeves, she went onto say that she will put the plate to one side as I would be waiting ages for it to be checked out. I was took aback by her lazy and negative attitude and the fact that I came away with a plate that I wanted and that Aldi had lost a sale. Surely this is not the way Aldi train there staff?

  194. Been to Aldi for about a 1 year, at first it was for certain items the rest we got from Morrisons, we suddernly realized money at our store was buying less than Aldi, we are now full time Aldi customers, and we have been served today by a young lady called Jessica Lumb at Oldham … thanks Jess and Aldi From Joyce Vickers

  195. Have only just started shopping at aldi, won’t be going back to tesco, money I’m saving more than makes up for clubcard points. Staff always very friendly no matter what store I visit. Check out always very fast.

  196. Oh ! I forgot to add : We also LOVE mamia range of nappies, food pouches (we wish they had more variety !) and wipes. And of course the baby and toddler events.
    Never going back to any other shop for our weekly shopping.

  197. Size and quality just right. Good value for money compared with competitors with no loss of quality. Staff efficient and pleasant. Well trained and happy staff. Don’t change anything you have got it right

  198. till*3734 773/009/002
    I like shopping with ALDI because everything is fresh and good value for money and I save money with them and the staff are very friendly and cheerful and make shopping with them pleasant. They are ordinary but nice, helpful and the products are what I need the most. I only popped in today for essentials but they are a must for a big shop that is where their value lies in savings and quality foods at low prices. Thank you for being better.


  200. I am a lone pensioner, & can now afford luxury foods for the first time salmon,avacado etc and really fresh English fruit & vegetables. I save at least 30% off my last bills at Asda-this I put towards my gymn membership which helps keep my arthritis pain free.
    I thank Aldi every day-hooray for you!!!!!

  201. great products, fast service – the only thing id like is more licquorice and peppermint tea – its often sold out!! so is obviously very popular – maybe an idea to have it as a stand alone product rather than part of a case of 4 flavours?.

  202. we have at aidl in dover for somt#e time now its great to go their you can get all our shopping their ,and a few extre which hasnt broke the bank
    2099 0776/0002/21 14 1215

  203. G8 product helpful staff was glad when Aldi came to the uk as we used them when we lived in Germany we used to shop between Aldi and Morrisons but no longer use Morrisons cheers Aldi for the savings long may you be successful

  204. I like shopping with Aldi because everything is fresh and good value for money and I save money with them and the staff are very friendly and cheerful and make shopping with them pleasant. They are ordinary but nice, helpful and the products are what I need the most. I only popped in today for pizza’s but they are a must for a big shop that is where their value lies in savings and quality foods at low prices. Thank you very much for being better.

  205. When I went to Aldi it was very impressive by the great service of helpful,polite and courteous staff and I was stunned by the tidy and cleanness of the food stack’s also it was astonishingly reasonable prices [so I bought more]

  206. Having been to your store in Fakenham today I was served at the checkout by Michelle. Time of my visit was 10.47am She was very polite and helpful and a credit to the training she must have had through Aldi.
    I asked if you stocked Garlic Butter in small potions which can be put on Fish. Usually you can get these at supermarkets which have a fish counter. It would be great if it was possible to buy a similar product at your store. There are many variations as well as garlic using other herbs. The other product you used to have is the white chocolate chunky biscuits, now you only have them with cranberries. I have tried to use your” tellaldi” site but it is so difficult. I only wanted to make a suggestion and to let you know about this particular member of staff.

  207. I have always thought that Aldi is a very good place to do my shopping as I do at least 90% of my shopping there. It is conveniently local and the staff are always available and helpful when I have questions to ask. I find that I can find almost everything which I require in my local store and the manager there is most obliging when approached. I have never had, to my knowledge, any reason to be dissatisfied with anything from my local store. I would certainly recommend Aldi to my friends.

  208. I’m very happy with ALDI products.
    I however I bought every day in the morning .I really like Aldi!.Fantastic stores
    1930 776/020/002/45

  209. Shopping with my wife is hard work. At Aldi it may be busy (due to Aldi’s popularity), but shopping seem a lot easier. On this visit (15/1/16) we arrived at the counter, thankfully the lady on the till is the one we prefer. Again pleasant and cheerful, I do wish all your staff could mirror image this lady. Many thanks to this lady and Aldi, particularly Withernsea.
    Dave and Dianne Lee

  210. We always start off shopping at Aldi and then go to the other shops, this always reduces the amount of time we spend, it is great value and I particularly like looking round all the specials. (there is nearly always something i want.

  211. shopping at aldi has given me a more money saving way to budget my shopping finaces out compared to other stores I find it confident and cheap and close to where I live recommend it to any one this store

  212. I have shopped at aldi now for over 12 months and find that the pricing is very affordable. the product range is well stocked and I hope they continue to increase the range and not ramp up the pricing as this is what keeps them ahead of the competition.
    great store in Halewood Liverpool

  213. I like aldi it has good offers and its all good quality i go four times a week and the staff are very polite and the store is very clean my partner buys lots of tools and they are low prices and good quality the food is always in date all the shelves are very clean as are floors . i just like going to aldi i last went to aldi 22 . 1. 2016 208 773/067/001/06. thank you to all aldi staff .

  214. Now do main grocery shop at your newest store WITHAM ESSEX

  215. Today 31.01.16 at 12.30 i visited your store in Wallisdown road in Bournemouth and among other things I’ve bought special offer of apple ; There was a photo of a bag of 8 apples for £ 0.59 ; when I paid I was charged £ 0.99; I broughted to the notice of the person at the till and I sked to be refunded. In my oppinion I thing the presentation was very misliding.
    I would apprecieted a comment.
    Thank you

  216. I have been shopping at Aldi,s for the past 8 years normally spend between £30-180 weekly depending on offer’s and new items that cut my eyes starting from food /none food item . and there has been no going Back Aldi is the best so far . before I started shopping at Aldi,s I used to shop at other Supermarket Like Morrison, Ice Land, Sainsbury’s and Asda some times Tesco. Aldi is just an Amazing place to shop they sell good quality products at affordable price.that’s is real good value for money. the staff are wonderful very friendly and efficient know matter the queue at the check out point they will make sure you are serve in no time. if you have a concern about a product they response as quick as they can and deal with it straight away . can’t really fort Aldi in any way cause I have always live the store with a big smile on my face every week. Thank you Aldi’s

  217. I always go to aldi when I am in romford, the prices on your wine are fantastic, I used to shop at sainsbury but now buy all my meat fruit and veg at aldi. Great store.

  218. Love aldi shop there at least twice a week spend at least 70 pound per week best fresh meat and veg I’ve ever tasted it gets a big thumbs up from me

  219. I shop at the Mawney Road and Romford Aldi I find it value for money and good quality selection and the staff are always very quick at the tills and also very helpful.

  220. I love aldi used them in my travels to germany I live in lanarkshire scotland let me tell you about your harvester brand of rice cakes unbelievable excellent round my local shop (mossend)the girl says to me hi chocolate rice cakes yes but you’ve only got four packs left my wife adores the rice cakes and in my travels with truck I’ve raided stirling store hamilton store and Rutherglen store to get those elusive delicious harvester cakes so if you notice an older gentleman browsing about the rice cakes be quick as they will be off and home I’m not being greedy but if
    I’ve got a pack spare feel free to e mail me and ill let you try one better still pop down to your local store and buy one you won’t look back thank you eddie friel

  221. love to shop at Aldi been going there for many years . a lot of people shopping there now.but I have always found it great value .great food the meat is better than any big supermarket !..The staff are always friendly and helpful .it makes a big difference to my budget but no compromise on quality .I go to the salford store weekly.but also go to the new southport store.when were at the caravan.love it..something different in the store every week .Keep up the Fantastic work guys x

  222. I’ve been shopping with Aldi for a good few years now – in fact long before it became so popular. The prices are very competitive and so is the quality. The weekly special buys are great and so popular you have to there on the day.
    Two things have now put me off Aldi. I purchased two electrical items which became faulty. I contacted Aldi customer services and they told me to return them to the store. I tried to return them to the local Aldi store and they told me to contact the number on the box the items came in. This is because you cannot return them to the store after 30 days and despite the items having a 3 year warranty. I then had to wrap them and pay for them to be shipped up to the North East – still not heard anything.
    Second reason for going elsewhere (quite recently though I have started shopping at Lidl) is the policy of not allowing to bag any items at the checkout. I saw the undercover TV programme and so I understand that the staff have to scan 1200 items a hour (especially as they are paid over the living wage) however, some of them appear to want to try and scan 1200 items a minute. Some of them are so fast they almost throw your shopping at you to get you away from the checkout.
    I can understand them not wanting to let people with a trolley load of shopping bag it at the checkout however, someone with a basket of about a dozen items should be allowed to bag them at the checkout.
    With a basket of shopping you now have to your goods in the basket, take them out again and put but in the belt, put them back in the basket and then take them out again. At least at Lidl they allow you to bag your items and they still have targets to meet.

  223. I had issues with my receipt ID, and was unable to do the survey. However, I shopped at Store 69 tonight and was disgusted with the staff. First of all, the uniforms are completely unprofessional (sloppy tee shirt with whatever pants they please). On top of that, their attitudes are completely mortifying, especially my career. Her name was Nina. I was looking through my shopping list making sure I had gotten everything my mother (who was just discharged from the hospital yesterday) had sent me there for, when Nina gave me attitude in her voice about not putting my items on the belt soon enough for her. I’m sorry, but stores should be run based off the customers convenience, not the employees. Secondly, I have an issue with the fact the cashier’s are sitting at the POS. Standing is the only way to convay a professional, respectful message. Are you really that lazy? Speaking of which, this brings me to my third issue with the way this business is run. That issue is the carts. Instead of inconveniencing customers making sure they have a quarter on hand, why don’t you quit being a lazy, unprofessional establishment and invest in a cart round up crew for customers who choose not to put their carts back? Very highly dissatisfied with my shopping experience today at Store 69 with Nina.

  224. i just checked my till receipt today and found that i was charged twice £1.99 for toilet rolls. I only bought one pack of 9. The cashiers start on the next customer before you have put your stuff in your bag. So i did not have time to query the amount which i thought was too much.
    I will be going back tomorrow. not to buy but to get my money back. there is no phone number on the till receipt.

  225. To reply I must ask a simple question: Why do some people still choose to shop in any of the big-4 supermarkets for the privilege of paying 50% to 100% more for goods of poorer quality with misleading bargain prices and being served by surly unhelpful staff at long slow checkout queues, when all these factors can be avoided by simply shopping at Aldi?

  226. Aldi staff are always helpful and very efficient. Prices are the most competitive and quality is clearly a priority. My only puzzle is why the weekly Special Buys magazine never promotes and meat-free main meals?
    Keep up the good work.

  227. Aldi is my main shop. I think the food and products are really fantastic and great competition for the other grocery stores.
    My local Aldi is very handy, always clean and the staff helpful.

  228. love aldi halfed my shopping bill, look after two of my grandchildren permently so we can have a little more treats thanks to aldi as money is tight, very pleasent staff always a smile and a hello makes the day, the only fault i have with aldi is it,s to fast at the till when you get a bit older, otherwise saveing,saveing, saveing.

  229. I love Aldi, both products and prices. I would prefer however not to always be called ‘lovvie’ or ‘darling’. It is usually the female assistants who do this. I know they don’t mean to be rude or patronising but it can come over that way (dearie).

  230. Shopped at Aldi last week and have enjoyed the food ( and the price ) BUT… We are still feeling very disturbed at being rushed through the check out. The staff just ignorantly throw the food through even some of it landed on the floor but the idiot scanning our stuff just continued at the same pace. Not wanting to sound tough or cocky but we felt like getting violent with that idiot scanning our food. We won’t be violent in your stores but we feel some customer will just have enough and go for it, much to the entertainment to the rest of the store! Thankyou Aldi anyway we love your food and your prices.

  231. As usual the till operator was polite and smiley but this does not add to my shopping experience and starts to sound like the Americanism of “have a nice day” Take a note … we are not Americans. Just a polite and cheery checkout operative is sufficient. Horses for coarses. Apart from that love the store, love the choice, love the prices, long may it continue.

  232. Not a good day l have been charged for 2x for reusable bags !! this makes my small shop at Aldi more expensive than MS or Tesco

  233. Everytime i visit Aldi, the staff are always friendly and helpful and even though they are very busy all the time they will always go that “extra mile” to help you. I find this so refreshing nowadays as Customer Service generally in our shops and stores is dire. So its a breath of fresh air when i visit any Aldi store and get such receptive staff and thats including when you checkout at the tills.
    And the added bonus is the prices are great and quality very good.Keep up the good work Aldi it is appreciated.

  234. A stress -free and enjoyable shopping experience. I have always found the staff helpful and polite, together with good products and affordable prices why go elsewhere.

  235. When o go Aldington all the staff are really helpful and the food is great my family eat better then when we use to go asda or tesco thank you.

  236. Good quality products with a wide range to choose from, competitive prices with and excellent service from our local Aldi staff.

  237. I absolutely love Aldi! My local Aldi is in Bishopbriggs, which is really close to my house and that is handy. Aldi has really affordable food and I love it. THANK YOU ALDI!

  238. I do my main shop at Aldi every week the product and prices are good value. The staff are friendly and are happy to help with any queries I have no complaints n wud recommend Aldi to any of my friends and family
    Receipt no: 7666 778/059/005/13
    15.03.16. 18.15

  239. Wouldnt shop any where else customer service excellent products frim friut & veg frozen deli fresh meats through to homeware second to none happy days

  240. The cheese section is pretty poor in that large pieces of Danish Blue do not show up.
    The cheddar is very mild although marked up as Extra Mature – i think Aldi are knowingly misleading their customers

  241. Excellent experience in Aldi yesterday. Amazingly low prices for high quality produce. Every time I go in I discover something else to try (and enjoy). the checkout girl (Danielle) was incredibly fast and helped by finishing my packing while I did my PIN number.

  242. Lovely service in your Halesowen, West Midlands branch from an mature guy called David who had just a few words which lifted the spirits. Appreciated….especially with me being MUCH older than he was.
    Plus the incredible amount I got for £37. How do you do it? I do in fact sometimes wonder how much the producers can possibly receive.
    Very grateful on a personal basis though.
    Can’t see a space tp put in the shop code you ask for. So here it is here.
    1437 772/079/005/13

  243. I was served by Mark Vaughan in Aldi dunmanway and as I struggled to sort shopping and look after my small children he was great. Did not rush me through the till and when I forget to pick up something went and got it for me. Thanks Aldi for great prices and very helpful staff.

  244. well once again you have surpassed my expectations bought a motorbike cover and a motorbike waterproof jacket an electric hedge trimmer for just short of £56 quid would have paid that just for the hedge trimmer keep the bargains coming

    • Hello, I would like to say that aldi is very nice shop, with really nice service. The people that they work there are very helpful. Foods are fresh and cheaper than other shops I found in Dartford Kent. I am keen to buy from there. Thanks.

  245. Hello, I would like to say that aldi is very nice shop, with really nice service. The people that they work there are very helpful. Foods are fresh and cheaper than other shops I found in Dartford Kent. I am keen to buy from there. Thanks.

  246. Hello,I would like to say aldi is very good shop and they are very help full and they have the best costumer serves and what ever they sell is the best of the best . if you live close ,I would recamend buying eneathing from them

  247. We have a new store. Now that the original crowds of the first few weeks have gone, we thought we would try it out. I have to say that first impressions are great. Everything is really cheap, the staff are smart and attentive, and we got through the checkout speedily.

  248. I have always had a good shoping experance at adli store at Bexhill , the staff are always ready to help & go the extra mile.
    Good value on pricess

  249. Aldi as been a dream come true to me and my family. Save save we would never shop anywhere else keep up the good work we have spread the news to all are friends and they all shop there now brilliant.

  250. We shop here because it has very friendly staff,and they have great low PRICES and it has perfect food. We have been shopping there like FOR EVER so if we get that £100 we will sped it in aldi !

  251. I have done my morning shop at aldi Hines Rd Ipswich. The staff there are always helpful and happy. The lady on the checkout was very pleasant and hard working her name was Iryne and she made my shopping experience a happy one!! Well done to all the staff!!*7585 776/030/003/08

  252. I started shopping at Aidli since I retired 7 years and as a pensioner I needed to save money so when they
    Opened the original store in pitsea I thought I would give it a try I was so surprised at the price and quality of the goods if have never looked back my daughter whom works in Ada also comes with me and she has found that even with her discount card she still saves money compared with Asia p

  253. I have only just become an Aldi shopper as doing long hrs was just easy to shop for meal each night As my home town of Burscough is just in the process of a new store and it’s on my doorstep , just thought of sampling your goods ….. what have I been missing morrisons and Tesco now redundant .Thanks Aldi your my Asda price ….ching ching

  254. I have done my shop at Mapperley Aldi, Nottingham . The staff there are always helpful and happy, I enjoy grocery shopping there. And Foods are fresh and cheaper, to recommend 100%. Many thanks!

  255. Yesterday, just having a chat with one of my friends about Aldi I try to know the way of getting it on google. Today (April 16,2016) I found Aldi by on foot. I have never heard about Aldi before. I am extremely new in here in UK (Southampton). I bought goods from Aldi which cost around 11 GBP. But I took more times to roaming around the super shop. It is excellent in all perspective. I wish their success in business and hopefully visit once again within the two months period of mine here in Southampton.

  256. Having just completed my weekly shopping at your witham branch, I am appalled at the service given by the checkout controller named Redouen. My daughter was putting our shopping onto the conveyer belt while there was a customer ahead of her. As soon as that customer had completed his purchase, Redouen jumped out from behind his till and started to launch my shopping from the trolley onto the conveyer belt without a care for certain foods which were literally being thrown onto the belt. As soon as we were ready to place it into the trolley he then started to throw the shopping towards my daughter or even into the trolley. Some of my foods like crisps and fruit were now being squashed in the trolley as well as a small packet of nuts, which I had to exchange as the packaging had been split. Whilst I appreciate that your business encourages staff to speed things up I am not impressed with the way we were treated. It left me feeling like I really don’t want to shop at Aldi anymore and would consider going back to tescos where I know I would not have been treated so badly. The lady working at the checkout opposite even commented on the speed in which he was working. Also, I spoke to a customer who was behind me about what she thought of the service and she had the same problem. She had bought some glasses which had been thrown into the trolley and the packaging had broken. Albeit I have never had a problem in the past I am absolutely disgusted about the way I was treated!

  257. I have been purchasing my groceries from Aldi for well over a year now as I always get good quality and value for money and always find the staff at Aldi in Airdrie very friendly and helpful. I have just purchased a house and to my surprise when I went into Aldi Airdrie today I saw dinning room chairs at half the price of others, so although it is 3 months before I move I have already purchased my dinning room chairs and am extremely happy with the purchase. All I can say is keep up the good service, quality and value for money.

  258. I find aldi in newtown has good customer service and very polite I also think you have good quality food for good prices .

  259. I have shopped at Aldi for 10 years and have contacted them a couple of times regarding stock not being available . Within a week the stock was in the store, ie clumping cat litter.
    An excellent company, well priced, great staff, dont think i will change after 10 years

  260. people are very helpful and friendly very good shop and clean
    i love shopping there All good products at such good prices

  261. Love Aldi shop there all the time can’t beat there meat section especially there’s steaks & Chickens lovely & the nappies for the kids are fab I get so much more for my money ON Aldi than other supermarkets

  262. every day I’m in aldi my son with severe learning difficulties loves going to aldi staff are allways happy no matter what there days bin he’s bin very very ill and in out hospital with his fits and other problems everyday he ways saids mummy mummy can we go to aldi to day as when I’m sad saff make me smile again we love aldi s to Iv saved £145 sins you opened our store in stratford upon Avon Warwickshire 0772/085/001

  263. Good Food, always well stocked Store with plenty of free parking, and I can always find the items I require easily and at a good price, and value.

  264. Aldi is my first choice of supermarket. Sometimes i just need one item and guess where i go, yes you are right, Aldi. The price and selection of food are great.,

  265. OMG!!! I’ve just been to your store and if I’d done that shop at my regular supermarket it would have been £70……. It was £44 I am never ever going back. I’m an Aldi convert for life. I will be telling everyone I know. Thanks Aldi xxx

  266. It is good to see Aldi stocking some organic fruit and vegs as well as eggs and semi skimmed milk. However I would like to see more organic ranges. How about cheese, butter, skimmed milk and also a better range of vegetarian food please. Now that Aldi do stock some organic lines I visit more often, but if you stocked everything I wanted I would only need to visit one supermarket.

  267. Went to Aldi at Bexhill to Purchase a Baby’s Highchair which had been advertised. However we were unlucky and it was muted that although most or possibly all other baby equipment was available as advertised these were not delivered to this store. We have experienced this sort of disapoinment in the past.
    We did purchase other items of shopping which were dealt with at the checkout with the usual speed, efficiency and smiling face we have now began to expect of Aldi.
    Our bill information is *6455 776/014/006/11 02.05.16 11:24

  268. When with my daughter to Aldi for the first time today she is always going on about it so I went with her very impressed I got a few things really please will definitely be back. Weavers road airdrie staff very pleasant and helpful

  269. allways great value in store. i just love all the bargains, i never go away empty handed. the staff are brilliant at my livingston store, allways ask how you are, and allways eager to help. i used to shop in asda, but would never go back…. there is no comparison .

  270. I have just moved into the area I live near the old kent road. I have used aldi a dozen time now and I can honestly say every visit was a positive experience. the prices are simply incredible. But the thing that struck me the most was the customer service… All the staff serving on the till have been always been polite ‘hello’s’ and goodbyes, go a long way. the staff I also notice seem to take a pride in serving the customer I have left the shop on a number occasions with a smile on my face. I was informed about the survey by a member of staff. I’m happy to to say that I’m not doing this for a chance to win the 100 pounds shopping but to simply tell you that you as a company are doing a great job, and the staff at the old kent road branch are a great bunch… One other thing I also noticed is that your security staff doesn’t wear uniforms something that gives the impression that the shop is local and more friendly… strange I know but that is something that struck me….
    well done

  271. Great shop,Dunstable branch,great value for money and definitely saved on some items and will be going again. Plesant cashier ‘Chelsea’ aswell ,all in all one happy shopper.

  272. We do our weekly shop in Aldi where there’s always a good selection of both foodstuffs and interesting household equipment at reasonable prices. The staff are always polite and helpful and the whole experience is more personal and less stressful than in larger stores.

  273. We have shopped at Aldi for a few years now, first starting with tinned products and general household needs including:- tea, coffee, sugar, butter, milk, yoghurt etc. preferring to shop at larger well known super markets for the rest. Recently, Over the past year we are so impressed with Aldi that we buy all our shopping and seldom use anyone else. The products are excellent and good value, especially the fish. My husband is a keen Gardner and can’t wait to see what they have to offer. As far as the staff are concerned, we have always found them very helpful and polite, if there is a problem with anything, which isn’t very often it is dealt with there and then. Providing Aldi continues to give us this service we most certainly will continue using them

  274. I use Aldi stores across Europe, first thing I do when camping in a new location is to find out where the closest Aldi is, enough said!!
    I have tried to locate the survey with the £100 prize but have given up, this is NOT a user aspect of Aldi

  275. Superb Supermarket with low prices and fascinating surprise items to rummage through! I love to brows the additional items in the central aisles whilst my wife does the “important” food shopping from “the list”
    On my own today and had a rather nice conversation with Sammie the check-out girl!
    Best supermarket in town!

  276. Did my weekly shop at Aldi this morning. I have been a floating shopper flipping between the major supermarkets and Aldi but today made up my mind. I managed to buy all the things I needed at a fraction of the cost and the experience was less stressful and distracting as I usually find. The service at the till was polite and helpful also.

  277. Returned a hot water dispenser with receipt to the Castle Bromwich store because of a faulty switch. It was purchased just over a year ago. Within 5 minutes Alison had issued a refund and, amazingly, there was one left in store for me to purchase. Thank you Aldi!

  278. My Family has been doing our weekly shopping at Aldi in Bell Green Coventry for over 15 years, customer service has been great, everyone seems very pleasant and the cashiers always have a smile, we also love the affordable prices and also tell other family members and friends about the great offers at Aldi. our Bill information are 63901,47624,57049,69541,42399,45896,66289. Thank you.

  279. I shopin Aldis Store every Week and find that the meat is the best that i have tasted and the vegstays fresher and longer than anywhere else BUT the only dowmfall is that they dont have toilets and it is very inconvient for us old age pensioners to hold ourselves untill we get home so PLEASE can you consider having toilets put in for us x

  280. I enjoy shopping at Aldi, Shirley as all the staff are so friendly and helpful. I am not tall, and the staff always ask if I need help to reach something and are always ready to answer any q

  281. We are shopping every Sunday from Aldi and have been doing that for more than 16 years.We are shopping for certain foods and Specials, plenty of wines and German beers. I got an ALDI Tablet and got in advance what is coming. We like the variety and the quality of goods and especially as they comply also with the European standards. Good quality and very good value for money! Thank you ALDI!

  282. Shopping at Aldi is a pleasure. I am always pleased with my shopping and especially the bill at the end. More importantly my husband actually likes going to aldi and often goes on his own. This week we had 43 items on the bill and only 13 were over a pound. That is really good value and why I always shop at Aldi and try to convert my friends to go there too.

  283. I went into the Aldi store in Walton on Thames, Surrey today to buy plants. They were dry, dying and broken mainly because as a customer I could not get them out and put the plant containers back without damaging the plants. as others had done
    I spoke to the manager and complained that they were a neglected product and how could he ask the price when they were in such a condition. His reply was a wink and a smirky smile I told him not to treat me as a silly woman, that I was a gardener and knew what I was talking about, This is when he grinned and winked at me and walked away.
    I did buy other plants but not as many as I planned to do

  284. On my second visit to buy some lacura hand cream. Unfortunally the experience was
    spoiled by the under manager who was in such a grim mood he should not have been
    on the shop floor. Hostile is the least of it. The pay till people agreed with me and I will not return to the shop while he is there.
    It was the Patrick Street, Greenock shop on Saturday 4th June, 2016

  285. We visited both Alton and Blackwater shops today because we could not find a product we like. The Alton shop was quite quiet and very neat and tidy and the shop assistant was very sociable and good at her job. However we didn’t feel that the products were displayed properly and the shelves were in some cases a little sparse. However with the Blackwater store although it is going through a major refurbishment we felt that there were more stock on the shelves and very busy. The staff at this store have always been friendly and helpful, not that I’m saying the Alton store was not

  286. A pleasure to shop in your Gateacre Store ! Pleasant helpful staff, well stocked (Except for no 2 Minute BROWN Rice – request this be made a regular line please) good quality products, clean & tidy shop. Excellent value !

  287. I now gossipping in aldi in Melissa found that the quality is very good I use to go to the coop in corsham butt
    They are so expensive and the quality is not very good and a lot cheaper so good value for money

  288. i shopped at the tamworth branch of aldi today,and was delighted with the customer service,and the excellent prices,i shop at aldi weekly,and compared to the big supermarkets like asda sainsburys morrissons coOP ect i save alot on my weekly shopping bill,the aldi own brand products ,are on the whole excellent the only product i thought a while back which ithought was rubbish was the lacura razors,which compared to mach 3 razors were very poor qaulity,and dragged instead of giving me a smooth comfortable shave,i buy most things from aldi but the lacura razors are something i would never buy from aldi again.

  289. Done two shops this week – one at Morrisons and the second today at Aldi, Gainsborough. Absolutely no doubt that today’s outing was by far the cheaper for, in some cases particularly fresh fruit and vegetables, superior quality. Just a pity that queues and time spent waiting at the checkout can be so long.

  290. I’ve always shopped at the main supermarkets until I found Aldi two years ago – and although there’s one or two items not stocked that I am used to I’ve always obtained a very good selection to satisfy my husband and myself. God bless Aldi – you’ve saved us a lot of money!

  291. Shop regularly at Aldi, always excellent value and Staff always helpful and polite.
    Occasionally have called in at other Supermarkets and always say, ” this would have been cheaper at Aldi !”

  292. I’m generally happy with Aldi. I find the fruit teas, chocs, crisp , fruit and veg very good and good value for money. Fishfingers are good as well. Booze is a little cheaper and fine.
    I recently started eating goats cheese and Aldi was my first experience. I found it palatable but not exceptional. It was the brand in the stiff transparent plastic coating. I subsequently discovered that Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda produced superior products at a slightly more expensive cost. So, I tried the other goats cheese in the green and white wrapper. This was OK for a while but I bought two packs of this in Aldi Bearwood and found there was something odd about the the two interiors – A white interior that had a sickly effect. I shan’t be buying goats cheese from Aldi again. I should note that both goats cheese from Aldi were of French origin as opposed to that bought elsewhere.
    I do resent the way we are hurried along at the checkout without enough space for packing. I also suggest people never give the exact change to give you more time to pack !

  293. Aldi is a great shop, cheap and cheery but at the cost of their staff having a miserable work life and being treated like some thing you would scrape off your shoe !! I know many lovely people that work in there and they have quickly become the most depressed unhappy people I know, they begin to feel and believe they are utterly worthless and are desperate to leave but cannot because the money and contracted hours are good!

  294. staff are always curteous and helpful,pleasure shopping at Aldi surprising variety and at affordable prices,a welcome for the pensioner.Excellant quality of British farm products.Keep it up and a thank you for your quality service

  295. I’ve been using the ALDI Stare @ Bridlington for a good few years now, & I’ve always been satisfied. I’ve found that the Staff (All of them, Especially ‘PHIL’), are very good & amicable, very helpful, always cheerful. They all sometimes give & take a bit of a Banter, all in good fun & taste.
    I’m looking forward to the opening of the New ALDI Store, soon to be built on St. John Street, Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire!!

  296. Love going to Aldi for plants and flowers as well as the fresh fruit and vegetables. The meat etc is of very high quality.
    It is always a surprise to find such good value offers in the non food isles.
    My only wish is that the shop in Cowes Isle of Wight still did the coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso machines.
    Thank you so much for having such a helpful and cheerful staff. Will continue to shop there.

    • Aldi is a very good store everybody can afford to shop at aldi reasonable prices good food and more for your money.

  297. I like going to Aldis as you have a good selection of food and at decient prices. The staff are very helpful when you ask for a certain item. I have never had any problems while shoping with you.

  298. Visit my local Aldi on Aylestone Road, Leicester, several times a week.
    The fruit and vegetables are always fresh and so reasonably priced.
    Everything in the store is such good value and the weekly specials are excellent.
    The shop is always clean and tidy and the staff are extremely pleasant and helpful.
    Cannot go wrong with Aldi!

  299. First time at Aldi yesterday. Great experience. Regular each week from now on plus saved a lot of money by swerving Tesco.

  300. I visit your Newbury store at least twice a week, inevitably I find items out of date on the shelf in the dairy area. Today totally different my wife picked up a TV magazine without realizing it and when she started to read it at home found out it was already out of date 2nd – 8th July now I know that staff alternate produce and sometimes shoppers take the back items on the shelf because they have a longer life (and may I say some have a longer life than other leading supermarkets) but there really is no need for out of date stuff on the shelf unless there is too little staff to do what is expected of them.

  301. i used to shop at the large supermarkets and my shopping bill just kept going up.
    Then I tried Aldi and wow because the price is so much lower leaving a smile on my face with surprise.
    There is great variety and everything very good quality but the prices are so much lower.
    Wish I started shopping at Aldi years ago.
    Thank you Aldi.


  303. I often shop at different Aldi stores in my area ( Sunderland , Seaham or South Shields) and always find the stores well stocked and the products sold are of good quality but best of all the prices are so good.
    I have bought several garden plants this year and most are doing really well but I must say that some of the plants on sale are left to die because of lack of water. It would be prudent of Aldi management to offer alocal person a job caring for these plants an hour or so a day in exchange for a small wage or perhaps food vouchers. I appreciate the staff work very hard and don’t always have time to tend to the plants. I am sure my suggestion would be cost effective.

  304. 774/013/001/124
    Hi, I visited Aldi, Oldbury, today as I do several times a week. Aldi is not only good on price an choice it is also good on quality too, making it good all round value. Today I was served by Gemma who was bright , friendly and cheerful. It is always nice to be served by someone who has a friendly face.

  305. My husband and i shop at Aldi every week, love the store in Mapperley Nottingham, love the frequent bargains, and the way the store is laid out, always can find exactly what we want.
    Staff very helpful.
    Love it!!

  306. Aldi is always amazing value for money with no compromise on quality. I do virtually all my full weekly shop at Aldi, Meanwood in Leeds and have become quite friendly with some of the staff there over the years who have been and are great. Everyone is very helpful. I love the special buys especially homeware goods and children and baby events which are marvellous to buy necessary items and treats for our grandchildren. The nappies are the best anywhere and I use the baby wipes for cleansing and removing makeup as well as changing nappies, wiping hands and faces and spills wherever we are. As a family, we all sing Aldi’s praises and now our children have all flown the nest, they are still Aldi devotees and one daughter and family is especially happy as a new store has opened in Harrogate. Thanks for everything.

  307. Having come down from Scotland ( where I shopped at ALDI) in Motherwell) and am now staying with my family in Reading, my daughter and I visit your store, I am still amazed at how much I can get money wise against other stores. Store staff are very kind and offer help if required, I find walking difficult and need the help of a stick.
    Thank you again ALDI for helping us all everyway.
    My till receipt no. is 775/071/003 26.07.16 16 11:05

  308. Aldi Standish is always good value for family shop. We love the weekly specials, that sometime makes us spend a few pounds more than intended, but always a bargain. The staff are always friendly and helpful. keep up the good work.

  309. Where is the survey??
    visied Aldi today, usual highstandard of service, pity the chalk white furniture paint had all been sold two hours after the store opened, because that was why I went there on a Sunday. Still that shows how good the special offers are I reckon.

  310. I usually shop at Aldi in Bangor, Gwynedd. The experience is good and the staff are very obliging and friendly. My shopping experience is pleasant and positive with lots of bargains!

  311. Hi aldi i have been in your super marken two this week and all your staff was frie ndy and cheeefull and my shopping and A hightstandard of service every time i go in thank you AIDI

  312. Great new Aldi in local shopping area. Pleasant and helpful staff, well stocked tidy and clean shop and great prices. My only criticism is the instructions for storage and cooking on most items are in small dark writing on a dark background making it difficult to read. Additionally the dates on some things are on the side of the boxes so not always easy to find swiftly.

  313. aldi is a lovely shop, very clean, and tidy, staff very nice, and so helpful, the food is great value for money, and the bargians are a great deal, my husband and i shop their every week and to be quite honest we both love shopping at aldi stores and always look forward to shopping there, we have grandchildren so there is always a little some thing to please them. baragns on school uniform and so on. i only wish women size were larger bigger than 20, still i cant have every thing, thank you for a lovely store aldi

  314. Having been shopping this morning in your Ayr store i was walking uo to a check out when the person on the till put up the lane closed notive, no complaints, so i move to another queue while standing waiting in lane 2 the peson who had said the lane was closed and started serving another cutomer, when i went and asked why he didnt serve me and serve the lady who was standing he said she was a member of staff she wasnt wearing an Aldi uniform she then went on to say that she had just popped in to give the person that was serving (The assistant manager) a set of keys for the safe even after the fact that she had a hand basket full of shopping, my point is if the till lane is closed its closed to everyone, IF this person was a member of staff and IF she was right when she was saying she just popped into hand over keys of the safe, to say that in front of a customer is asking for trouble, i was served at the other till will no problems but your assistant manager and your member of staff ?? were laughing (or appeared) to be laughing at me while i was being served , i am sorry but if this is the standard of service i can expect from ALDI’s i will be going back to Sainsburys

  315. My wife and I like to shop at Aldi because the products on sale are of equal quality as the main brands, I have always championed Aldi and now my wife is coming round to having more confidence in the products on sale so we now shop mainly at your stores the store at Hindley nr Wigan is our nearest.
    Staff always happy to help and quick to smile. The stores are getting busy now so we pick times when it’s quiet, not many of those now though!
    Keep on expanding, you can’t go wrong.always shop in Aldi find it great value and very frindley staff

  316. I am trying to get to the “tellaldi.com website as shown on my Aldi receipt and instead get sent to the “Surveyonbill” site. The only link I can see is to an accounting software sales site.
    I would expect a link to a survey form.
    My main comment is a general criticism. Aldi have a policy of putting two different products in the same box. This can be extremely awkward. For example, today I wanted two sandwiches Type A. In one box there was ONE Type A and a load of Type B sandwiches. Next to the box on each side were boxes half full of Type B sandwiches. I do not understand this policy. Granted, on occasions it can make more use of shelf space. But not as in this case where three places on the shelf were occupied by the same combination with one of the products sold out but no opportunity to re-stack until. Would it not have been more efficient to have had one box of Type A, one box of Type B, and use the third space for either an additional type or for whichever of Type A or Type B was more popular.
    I took the one Type A and a Type B which neither of us really like, but there was no option.

  317. I have shopped at Aldi for a long time now, since they have been in UK – its been great value and I have found several presents here at the same time, so this has saved shopping trips to other stores. Really rate their products – for me though shame now that so many people are using as shopping trips take longer and negotiating especially around the first aisles i.e. fruit and veg an issue as people bottleneck here.
    Will not shopping here though as I get great value for money, happy too that some additional products seem to be coming into store. thanks Aldi.

  318. i have been shopping at aldi for over 16 years now and still shop there every couple of days the quality and price are simply the best.

  319. Aldi, WISBECH store, what a wonderful store, staff are all excellent including the manager, polite have excellent customer care services, nothing is ever too much trouble for them. Store its self, clean tidy, aisles wide. Excellent value for money.
    Well done, keep up all your good work.

  320. Today, in Aldi Leven, Fife, I witnessed the worst example I have ever seen of a rude and unhelpful member of staff (in ANY supermarket).
    The lady in front of us at the checkout, had a very substantial shop, and when she arrived at the checkout operator, asked her if someone could get her a bottle of soda water saying that she had been unable to extract one from the display. After ringing three times, a depute manager arrived. The operator asked if he would get a bottle of mineral water for the customer. Without looking at, or speaking to the customer, the depute manager said to the operator that he would NOT get it as he had a bad back and his health and safety would be compromised. He then walked off without a word to the customer. When the operator had finished scanning the lady’s items, she went to the shelf and fetched the lady’s soda water.
    The depute manager then had to be called back to the checkout on another matter and the lady in front of us complained to him about his rudeness and appalling customer care. The depute manager said that his health and safety was more important than any customer.
    At this point a number of customers, including my wife and I, made him aware of how disgusted we were at his rudeness and complete lack of care for a customer. He said to me that the bottles were stacked in a way that made it difficult to retrieve them and his safety would be at risk. When I suggested that, as depute manager, he should ensure that products are stacked in a way that is safe for customers to retrieve them, he said it was not his job. Even then it did not seem to occur to him that if it is not safe for him to retrieve the product, it is not safe for customers. He walked off declaring again that HIS health and safety was of greateset importance.

  321. I,ve emailed before but I feel i ought to again since it seems to me that excellent customer service is worth commenting upon. It is all too easy to complain but I felt it worth while to compliment.
    I went to your Ormskirk, Lancashire store today twice (I’d forgotten something) and here are the numbers from the receipts:773/008/002/27 12.09.16 that first visit was at 11.14 am. My second visit was at 14.28 and the receipt number was773/008/002/27 12.09.16. The same girl, Emma. Someone in management should tell her she is charming and a joy to be served by. She’s quick, effecient and friendly. In addition I paid close attention to her interaction with all her customers… she’s good!!

  322. I am from Nottingham and visited Aldi a few times. However I didn’t see any other colour employees except white. It is making me think where the diversity went in the UK. Is it the company policy not to recruit except white? As we always say ” it is our company policy”
    Please kindly reply to me directly.
    Thank you.

  323. I just wanted to do the survey to say how pleasant and helpful David was today in Garstang Aldi , but I did find it difficult to find the right bit! Garstang store is very pleasant clean and new and somehow feels less hurried than other stores I have been to. On this occasion, today, 16/09/16 receipt number 1940 773/096/003/57 I had rather more shopping than usual and David did come round to help me get it all on the conveyor belt. Thank you David.

  324. My wife and I are very keen Gardeners, We are also very loyal customers of your so we feel that we must say something about your plants. You have some very nice plants for sale but they are not looked after. The plants are nice on delivery but after that they are left to die for the lack of water. We have mentioned this to the stores and they say they do water them but all I can say they must use one very small bottle to water them all because the pots always are very dry. We visit the store in Llangefni and Bangor North Wales and they are both as bad.

  325. My dermatologist recommended the skin care products at Aldi’s for (not just value) but effectiveness. As they are a fraction of the cost of other companies’ products, needless to say, I am a fan for life. I do find all the store’s products of a high quality ad excellent value for money, but it would be great if Aldi’s could be a leader in the market by monitoring the high salt and sugar intake on a lot of foodstuff, which is so detrimental to our health. I think it would be a move that would increase sales. If manufacturers are loathe to reduce the quantities, then showing exactly and clearly just how much sugar and salt is contained in the item could only be beneficial.
    My till number is 4587 775/011/003/16 14.09.16 18.09

  326. great store and size at Elland, West Yorks, with excellent products at decent prices, and also hard working knowlegeable staff.
    8822 779/060/004/22 19.09.16 12.28

  327. Have been shopping regularly at Aldi Morecambe ever since it first opened. It has been well managed. The staff keep up a high standard in keeping the store well whilst maintaining customer care.
    I love the majority of products and appreciate that low cost does not mean a drop in quality.

  328. yesterday 2 of Oct at 13:13 at aldi store Edgbaston road, my day was really sad and bad because your cashier on line one the first one on the right has thieved my £2 pound ,i have got my money back when i told her, i’ll call the manger to camper the money and the receipts.
    i think that it’s a great shame that ALDI employee such this thief .
    thank you

  329. Value for money today. Total came to half of last week’s bill at my other supermarket and we had a cheeky bottle of Red! Will definitely be back next week.

  330. I was quite happy when I went into the aldi store in Urmston,Manchester. I bought my goods which I placed in the basket provided. When at the checkout my husband placed the basket on the conveyer belt. then the checkout girl said to my husband you do know that you can’t take the basket outside the store. ?????? we had our own bags to put our shopping in…?????did we have THIEF written on our foreheads or was it the fact that we are both pensioners and we might be a bit stupid….????? The after thought for this was….should I have left the goods and walked out….maybe next time if this happens again I will or maybe I will not shop there again. shopping reciept no. 4334773/057/001/40 11/10/16

  331. First visit to Aldi today at the Maypole Birmingham,what a lovely visit.A very helpful young lady member of staff helped me find what I was looking for,all with a pleasant manner and smile and engaged in conversation although busy. It felt homely.The checkout lady was also very friendly and helpful,even filling my bag whilst I paid.First impressions last – and I will be returning.

  332. We have shopped at Aldi ever since it opened up in Fleetwood. We think the prices are good .and the staff are very helpful, and the gluten free one-offs have been good, I look forward to being able to buy more gluten free food from you .We also enjoy all the fresh fruit and veg.

  333. I went to your Aldi store in Ormskirk yesterday. I’ve got the receipt and I suspect the following number is relevant: 6497 773/008/006/27 17.10.16 15:23.
    Your products are good and well priced, in addition to which, the store appears to be well run.
    Once again I got served by one of your staff, Emma on her name badge, and she was as last time; pleasant, friendly, efficient and quick. She’s always the same and she appears to be the same with all her customers. You should know this and tell her manager. Credit where credit’s due!

  334. Amazing 3-bags-full including a litre of Scotch; over 20 items and only £46 and duly served with speed and efficiency. My only grouse – I can’t find my lovely tinned fruit boilings now for some weeks. Are they there in the slightly chaotic couple of aisles?
    Great acquisition in N.Berwick! (777/058/001/15 21.10.16 10.53 )

  335. Every week shop at Aldi. Good products and fantastic prices so people can afford to buy some food that are more expensive in other supermarkets.

  336. I have used Aldi for a while. Yesterday i went in for a few bits, got a basket and as usual found more things i wanted to buy than would fit into the basket! i went to the till, put the items on and got out two carrier bags. The till assistant then started to ‘throw’ the items at me as fast as possible. And i mean throw, a couple of items actually hit my hand while i was trying to pack them!> I asked him t so slow down, to which he replied ‘ i cant, i would lose my job, we have to go fast, im not slowing down for anyone’. I replied that he could be ‘reasonable’ to which he simply repeated that he could lose his job. I spoke to the manager about this, pointing out that no matter how fast he put them through the till, he couldnt move onto the next customer until i had packed them anyway. The manager confirmed that what the assistant said was true! His job could be at risk if he didnt meet ‘targets’. I find this unbelievable that a company believe that throwing your shopping at you as fast as possible is a good idea but according to the manager, its to ‘keep the costs low’. I am now looking at Aldi in a different way.

  337. I agree that the checkout at Aldi is very fast and I have had a similar experience to Cheryle where items have ended up on the floor. There is very little space given to the packing area and so you have to be ready to more or less throw your items into your bags. I guess this is why I have seen many people load their shopping back into the trolley and pack it straight into their car boot.

  338. I live in Sheffield and go to the Masborough store in Rotherham as the staff and store are always polite efficient. I have shopped at aldi for over 20yrs and I love it . I was served today by the lovely Mel .

  339. My wife and I visited your new store on Abbey Lane in Leicester today (02/11/16), we have used other Aldi stores in the past. My wife uses a wheelchair to get around so I went to get an adapted trolley for her. On getting a trolley from trolley park I noticed it was one of the older type, shallow sides and not very big at all, not really large enough to get much shopping in, We did purchase 32 items in all and by the time we had finished the trolley was stacked way over the sides and my wife was also holding some items. May I respectfully suggest that larger wheelchair trolleys are purchased, just across the road is an Asda store they had the same trolleys, until I, amongst others commented on it and now they have larger ones. The sides are much deeper and the whole area of the trolley is larger. On a brighter note may we say that we enjoyed our trip to your new store and intend going back again as it is quite close to where we live.

  340. I visited the the newly built Aldi store, Anlaby road hull on 10.11.2016, with my overall aim been to grab just a handful of items, this was soon thrown out of the window by the lure of all the wonderful products on offer , staff were helpful at pointing out products i requested , the only downside was i should of grabbed a trolley instead of a basket because i approached that till looking like a juggler who belonged in the circus with basket in one hand and a stock pile of products in the other, the cashier was friendly and helpful with my packing, I love Aldi and it never fails my expectations and it deservingly achieves 10/10. x

  341. We use Aldi at least once a week. Always get a good service Staff very helpful when asked. The shop is clean, well set out and the variety is very good as are the prices. You let us down badly today. We went round and spent £22.63p but we only really went for a sausage plait which we had eaten last night. This is delightful, but you didn’t have any in. We will be going again on Friday, hopefully you will have them in stock by then. Other than that I must compliment you on the caramelised onion chutney which I buy every week. It is by far the best on sale at present. Thank you and keep up the good work. I came on here to complete the survey for the£100 reward but couldn’t get through to the questions. I was redirected to an Amazon survey and thought you should know.

  342. I love aldi I live right next door to them and the staff are very polite and help you find items of you can’t find what your looking for, clean and brilliant offers in shop.

  343. Excellent store, always find it a great experience. Especially like each weeks special offers.
    One point, you introduced a few months ago, a new Mousse line. I love the coffee one, but obviously so do many others, I would like to buy 6-8 at a time, but never can do so as others have the same preference, lots of the chocolate and butterscotch but sometimes only 1 or 2 coffee flavor. Have mentioned it twice or more to assistant, who tell me ‘it’s the way they are delivered to us”. As a manufacturer in the past myself, can you not try out getting the supplier to see results in a few shops sending full trays of Coffee flavour. I am sure you will find there is a larger demand.
    BTW, at the time you began Tesco also introduced a Coffee flavor. I was very careful, just bought one, and it had a horrible aftertaste unlike yours . It was also 50% more expensive, 75 p, versus your 49p. I would not buy it again even for 10p.
    Noticed next week a special of Matscha green tea will be on offer congratulations will be eagerly looking to buy, and see if I like it. Have heard it is very good for one.
    Dr. John Prescott

  344. vist dartford aldi store every week. wouldnt go any where else. such value for money . i spend roughly between 50 /150 pound.fruit and veg really lasts .i compare asda with my shop here double price.mince meat steak chicken beef value for money.buy childrens pack lunch stuff here like new smoothie drinks.yoghurts. everything i need all one store.jo b served me today really friendlky helpful. love it because so near to me .opening times are great open early late.

  345. Ref Code 779/024/004. date 07/01/17
    As a young family its best to get quality and value in the big shop of the week… Aldi deliver’s . Our main stores used are: Boston. Spalding.Wisbech.

  346. been going to aldi for years love the shopping great value and the staff are good the one i attend is meadowhall retail park aldi i highly recomend the whiskey highland earl hope everyone reading comments on here try meadowhall retail park alid its clean and parking is fantastic great shopping experiance

  347. Thank you Aldi I visited the Great Barr Store in Birmingham on 14th January 2014. As I had finished my shopping and approach the till to checkout my shopping. The shop assistant (Kenny) greeted me at the till it was like a breath of fresh air. Kenny the Shop assistant took his time to Greet me with a smile and asked “How I was and How was my day”. Honestly I was taken back because no one every ask these two questions in one sentence
    and it felt as though it was a genuine question which was ment by him.
    I just like to say well done Kenny. Aldi if you employ more people like (Kenny) your store will be absolutely amazing. Gold Star plus Kenny.

  348. I was so upset last Wednesday to come home from work to find I had been given a parking notice while at Aldi Poynton on the 7th January this year. I went straight to the store to explain that I had been in Aldi and then had been to the card shop and then in the subway next to Aldi – I had met with a friend and we chatted for a while – I did not realise the time and had finally left after parking for 3 hours- I spoke to the Duty manager and explained that I was very sorry but had not realised the time and I wondered if the ticket could be stopped – he said to call back on Friday and he would let me know as the Area Manager was due in and only he could quash it. I apologised and said I had honestly not realised – I asked what I should do and if I came in again on Monday that Dave the Store Manager would be able to let me know. I turned up today and he said he did not know.
    I would be grateful if you could let me know what the situation is as to whether or not I need to pay £40 for being an hour over.
    Your assistance would be appreciated.
    Kind regards
    Julie Jackson

  349. I go to aldis every 3rd day at meanwood road Leeds & the staff are great & friendly. & the prices are good & the quality is excellent.
    love me aldis

  350. I go to aldi at meanwood road Leeds, every 3rd day & the staff are very helpful & friendly & the prices are very good & the quality is fantastic.
    thanks aldi..

  351. Today I visited the Chorley store to pick a few bits up with my youngest child as I do every week. Today I’m very disappointed in a senior staff member, as I couldn’t find the product I was looking for I decided to ask if there was any of the product in the back of the shop… the young lady walked straight past me as she was to busy having a conversation with other colleges on her head set joking and laughing oblivious to my question as though I wasn’t there… Laura… I really don’t like your choice in words F-Off down your head set to your colleges is really not professional.. and I don’t want to here it as a customer…. But saying this the day was saved by another store manager … That you very much to Ben

  352. I shop on a regular basis at Aldi and normally I find the prices really good but today I had a shock I was charged £1.19p for an iceberg lettuce on questioning the young lady on the till she said she was shocked how much they had gone up also they were only 49p last week as it happens my Sister bought one in Lidl for 50p whats going on?

  353. Always enjoy shopping at Aldi Friendly staff and very good value for money did not have a coin for the trolley the manager got me one and I put it back as well
    My local store is in Poynton

  354. today i visted my local aldi store at bromsgrove
    served by will very helpful & freindley as always
    i find all of the staff will help you when you need it

  355. I love Aldi’s . All food is good and very good priced. Staff are very pleasant and helpful.
    Would not shop anywhere else. Have had good electric tools and paint as well as plants and flowers. Excellent all around.

  356. I go into your store frequently in the City of Dublin. I love to shop there. Store is always very tidy and clean. Items and marked and priced very clearly.
    Prices are very good and worth the money we pay. Thus it is nice to shop quickly and efficiently
    The store has a very good change of stock. Staff are very willing to help when
    help is needed.
    I would certainly recommend Aldi to lots of other people.
    Staff on till are very efficient , quick and correct.

  357. Aldi is a beautiful clean, cheap, well stocked with most efficient shop, always willing to help customer . I love shopping there. There is a very good turn over of fresh food-stuffs. I enjoy your foods an highly recommend your food-stuff and good prices.
    I wish you continued success in all your stores around the Country. I visit the around the country a lot. I hear you are increasing your number os stored. Well done/
    Bernadette Fennessty Phone. 0872813947

  358. We have become regular aldi shoppers.Our new shop is great .Good prices and nice staff.It is good to shop there.My one comment would be slow down a bit at the check out.Us oldies cannot cope.The other week a young lad served us and he was brilliant.He was very obliging and thoughtful.Plus we were done just as quick.Our local store is Glascote Tamworth.

  359. Prices seem to be increasing too quickly. Also 26 items out of 40 i bought today have a selling price ending in 9 pence why???????????????????????????? cant believe that cost plus profit margin always finish with a 9. I had previously believed that the best price was being offered . not quite as sure

  360. I am 89 and my daughter takes me to your store once a week to stock up. I find it an enjoyable experience. The range of goods is great, I especially like your ‘special buys’
    The store is clean and accessible and the staff are polite and helpful. There is plenty of parking. As if this was not enough I am saving money!

  361. VINO BIANCO ITALIANO is a very good product, and exceptional valie at £3.09 per bottle. LE BARON is not a good wine, and should be dropped from your range.

  362. staff are always cheerie and helpful especially beverley the caretaker, my mother is disabled and she went out of the way to help she even knew where most of what we wanted was, Aldi is a life line to me and my family being able to eat fantastic food at a price we can afford,times are hard but Aldi keeps us fed which is a great comfort,. thank you Aldi gateway retail park ellen street oldham

  363. I would like said thanks for all the staff working In the shop AILD ,staff are always cheerier and helpful especially Beverley the caretaker AND The store is clean and accessible all the staff are polite and helpful. There is plenty of parking.
    As good

  364. Hi there,
    I called in on Monday, 10th April. It was just for bits and bobs total value£7.39. I use this particular Aldi for its convenience and, of course, its consistent quality. I use it frequently not least because the staff are friendly and quickly efficient.
    Monday the 10th I was served by a young woman who’s name was Emma (receipt no. 9980 773/008/002/27 10.04.17 11.37). I single her out because she’s consistently quick, always smiles and you genuinely get the impression that she cares about her customers. Well done Emma! Aldi, do yourself a favour and recruit more like her!

  365. Since our new Aldi store has opened it has been a noticeable change in our food produce and financial impact on the family. We seem to have a lot more for a lot less. Occasionally things are not always available but the former compensates for the latter. Love shopping at Aldi and they also seem to sell things i never new i needed till i saw it.

  366. Hi my wife and I were down visiting my son and his family in Newcastle from our home in Auchterarder Scotland so we stopped at one of your shops to buy some grocerys and also to get some Easter eggs for the grandchildren so as we can have an Easter Egg hunt on Sunday we always shop at ALDI s as you get great produce at fantastic prices

  367. Love Aldi, my wife purchased a garden arch the other day and on her return I put it together, I was so impressed with this product I went back today and purchased another. this evening we just happened to look at the receipt, to our amazement the garden arch has been itemized as a steam iron at 12.99. looking at the receipt for the garden arch the other day, this one is correct at 19.99. oops on Aldi’s part here me thinks.

  368. Aldi is a great store to me and my family being able to eat fantastic food at a price we can afford, there so much verity, and good quality, of items, every time we go , its hard not to fill you trolley to the top, Aldi is fare the best, ,staff are always cheerie and helpful ,thank you Aldi Accrington

  369. I have been shopping at your stores for many years,my first Aldi experience was at your Chaddesden Store.So you can see it goes without saying I’m a fan.I was served to-day by David,he’s always cheerful ,helpful and efficent a credit to your store.

  370. I love doing my shopping at Aldi. I would just like to say i think you would great if you started online shopping aswell.

  371. I have just returned from aldi in Colchester,everything continues to be great,the place is so clean,the food together with every day general household items,are still so competitive and so very good in value,I will continue to support the store,and complement the super staff on their service and friendliness and efficiency,so many thanks to all.

  372. I normally shop most days in Aldi Tamworth road Coventry – an excellent shop with good staff..
    Today I visited the new Aldi Tollbar Coventry and found the shop to be excellent, spacious and well set out. Also as it is on my route to and from work I will be able to shop even easier everyday

  373. We shop at both the Burpham and Walton stores and we enjoy the experience of both stores. We get our main shop at Aldi where we receive great food for a great price. We also enjoy the non food sections. Keep up the good work.

  374. Let’s be honest, as an unemployed man without JSA Aldi is my lifeline. Without them I wouldn’t be able to afford to eat properly.
    That said, I do find their stores leave a little to be desired.
    I get very annoyed at the Heaton Chapel branch by their ‘musical tills’ system where they are continually opening and closing tills, sometimes up to ten times whilst queueing. Today I was in a queue when an off-duty staff member appeared behind me. Another till was immediately opened for him but when I moved over to that till he told me it was closed!
    The Stockport branch seems never to have enough staff to cover more than two tills and a couple of tills look like they haven’t been used – ever! This branch also has wrong pricing on shelves that has been there for months (& which I have pointed out to them) but the do not put it right.
    The non-food areas are a shambles in most stores and it’s hard to get the (correct) price of items.

  375. Just wanted to let you know of the amazing service i received from Danielle in your Strood branch 21/5/17 at 14.25.
    Fantastic customer assistant, please make sure my thanks are passed on to her.

  376. l love aldi l shop there every week for my weekly shop at clifton road gloucester friendly staff very clean great price

  377. I went to Aldi (Redbirn Road Hemel Hempstead) on 31.05.17 at 12.01 (*2046 775/088/001/26) with my 1 year old little boy. As everyone knows shopping with a baby is a pain especially when their into everything. I had a trolley full and got to the till and started unloading while the cashier served people in front of me. Then it was my turn and I hadn’t finished getting the shopping out yet so she scanned the stuff in the trolley first and was chatting away to my boy who lived the interaction. She was so lively and more cashiers should take a note out of her book because yes Aldi is fast paced by she done it whilst being so friendly and it was a pleasure to meet her =)

  378. Clean and tidy, good food, good prices, very helpful staff, the service is excellent. Have made several visits to the new store at the White Burke Store, Blackburn. Thank you, D.O.Townsley.

  379. 6933 779/032/003/02 14.06 10.58 I shop at Aldi every week and am always satisfied with the choice and value each time I visit. The staff are always pleasant and always have time to chat to us. They are also very willing to help you find what you are looking for, The store is always clean and tidy at the Shipley West Yorkshire branch.

  380. I use the Sheerness / sheppey store on a regular basis, all the staff are exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable, today, 20 / 06 / 2017, I had amazing service from Michelle, who helped me track down a desperately wanted item.
    A pat on the back for all staff . local and national.

  381. I have used Aldi ever since they opened there shop in Widnes .The quality is very good and the prices suit me . My only disappointment was the car park is not larger for the amount of people that use Alda.

  382. I have just been to Aldi’s in London Road, Brighton and as usual found plenty of bargains and then I was finally served by Silvia with her beautiful smile and courteousy.
    Cheers, have a great day.

  383. Perfect food. Perfect staff. I’m regularl customer in Aldi. Love all products. Can’t wait for yarn/ wool week in Aldi ☺

  384. always shop at aldi’s wouldn’t go anywhere else friendly helpful staff in ebbw vale and good produce always!!

  385. On Sunday (30/07/17), I visited the Ormskirk store; receipt 1510 773/008/004/27 @11.48am. The store was as it always is, well priced with good products. I was served by a girl called Emma who perhaps I’ll single out since I’ve been served before by her and she’s consistently cheerful and helpful, quick and efficient. She’s good with customers and I thought it worth a mention.

  386. Aldi is very economical.
    The staff are very friendly and easy to approach as required.
    Items are visible and handy to pick up. Quality very much happy.
    One suggestion could get a few other world food as well.