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How often do you visit Safeway Grocery store? How satisfied were you with your experience at Safeway Grocery? Safeway wants to know what’s on your mind! Please participate in the Safeway customer satisfaction survey by visiting www.safewaysurvey.net,  Your feedback will be used by Safeway to measure customer satisfaction and understand how they can serve you better.

Please respond to some quick questions that will take less than 5 minutes to complete. In appreciation of your candid feedback, you will be given the opportunity to enter the survey sweepstakes to win a $100 gift card. It sure paid off in this process.

How can we participate in Safeway customer satisfaction survey?

Keep the receipt from your visit handy and visit the customer survey official website. Enter required information located on the receipt. Rate the satisfaction with your most recent experience at Safeway Grocery, answer a few easy questions and provide your contact information. At the end of this survey you will be entered into the survey sweepstakes.


Safeway is the second largest supermarket chain in North America, after The Kroger Company, and has over 1,600 stores across the US and Canada. They provide customer with great prices on the freshest produce and meat, plus thousands of everyday lower prices down every aisle.

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156 thoughts on “www.safewaysurvey.net – Win a $100 Gift Card

    • I have been going to Safeway on 3rd St.for many years,your store really does have the best employee’s
      Melissa is so kind make’s you feel so welcome.Melissa,Melissa,Melissa.fIVE STARS*****

    • Would like to say Katy at the Rose Street Safeway, Walla Walla, Washington gives excellent customer service. I normally use an electric cart while shopping. The only one was in use so they gave me a cart. As soon as an electric cart was available Katy found me in the store and exchanged my cart for the electric one. She went above and beyond her duties. Thanks Katy for giving me great customer service.

    • Mi experiencia fue maravillosa encontre lo que buscaba y muy bajoo Precios el personal es muy amable muchas gracias esta es mi supermercado favorito

    • To the Port Townsend Safeway:
      Jenny Miller took the time to help me out today after I was clearly frustrated. Her calming and helpful attitude really brightened my day. Thanks Jen!

    • I have been shopping at our neighborhood Safeway for 24 years, The customer service is commendable. I would like to acknowledge Darlene in the deli dept. She is so helpful and always goes the extra mile to help me, and not to mention so friendly.
      The store I go to is on Snell and Branham in San Jose, California

    • Lynette is always friendly and still can get your groceries throuh at a timely bases. Always ask if you found
      everything and always ask when I bring in my own bags which bags do I want the cold items bagged in. Safeway should be proud to have her work for them.

  1. My experiences are generally ok however at times extra cashiers are needed, having a fussy toddler can be difficult when trying to get all the food shopping done as quickly as possible, but it seems as though even with self check out there is always grid Lock at checkout

  2. The people who work at our Safeway are extremely eager to help you find what you need and are so pleasant at the check out. The produce department offers a range of product and the flowers welcome you as you come through the door. Safeway is always clean and highlights offers so that I don’t miss the best buy. Also the gas points entice us to shop only in this store.

  3. shopping date 10 31 14 store #0836 checker name Eric friendly happy guy longtime I didn’t see that now go back your store with clear mind because of Eric

  4. The Silverdale Safeway helper named Garrett is certainly an asset for the store..He is always polite, helpful and able to be of assistence

  5. I was visiting my daughter in Dallas Oregon and it happened to be a Friday I always try to go to Safeway on a Friday to get the 5 dollar Friday specials ” I try to do some extreme ccouponing and get the most for my money I buy items for a program in our school called the back pack program where the kids don’t get much if any thing to eat on the weekends and holidays so I try to stick up on those type of items Safeway is the best place to buy them first items are fresh and I can use double coupons ! This Safeway in Dallas Oregon they were so very friendly they checkers were very helpfull and Mary Sue in the Starbucks station was VERY friendly I can’t wait to shop there again and if I win the 100.00 I will buy more good for the children s back packs ., thank you Teresa Scholten

  6. Melissa is the most fabulous employee could any company have… she is caring, let us know when our medicine is ready at pharmacy… courageous, answers all the questions, just a wonderful person.
    We congratulate Safeway to have such a great employee.

  7. I do not have my receipt, but would like everyone to know that Connie in the Safeway floral department in Albany, Oregon is the greatest. She put together a centerpiece for me for thanksgiving that was perfect for the occasion. Connie is very professional, friendly and great to work with. I will definitely use the floral services again.

  8. Just getting back into a retail store, I’ve found that the position I took not only aided me into finding yet another Great Manager to work for, as well a team of folks that truly care, not only about the best each can provide within the Deli Department in visual appeal, but a calm and comfortable department to work within. *Ryan, the Deli Department Manager* has been a true inspiration in how to meet and greet. With a complete store understanding that helps in every way, customer and staff wise, to assist and make a shopping experience enjoyable. Everyone else inside the department makes a day of work seem so much more fulfilling.

    Our store, may be small in ways and the isles a little tight. Some things may not be found as easy as may be hoped in reading other articles but thinks there is no one within Our Store in Lower Queen Anne that would not stop, assist and direct You to what was needed.

    I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Safeway’s Customer Service in *The Deli* and hope those that shop here feel what’s felt in working at Safeway.

  9. Our church orders a birthday cake monthly from one of the Safeway Stores. I shop at the Safeway on Maria and El Camino in Sunnyvale. In the bakery I usually order my cake when Shirley is on her shift. She always gives me outstanding service. Today, for the first time, I ordered my cake from Jorge as Shirley was having lunch. I found that he, too, knew what he was doing. His manager, Michael, was in the area and he heard me praising Jorge for the service he had given me. I want to commend Jorge on his good service. It is nice to know that when I order a cake for very early Sunday morning that it will be done on time.

  10. I’m so happy for a service and all products is very fresh hot food delicious Bakery and fresh all meet and seafood the store it’s cleaning my experience it’s so good and I’m so happy for a service with the cashier friendly was name Gabrielle store #3250
    3526 king street Alexandria va 22302 thank you

  11. Love the store and selection of product. Awesome bakery selection a well as service deli & meat department. Overall great staff clean store. One slight issue every time I check out there is at least one item that rings up wrong, then I have to stand in line again to get things corrected. A real waste of my time. Not the cashiers fault but someone’s not doing their job correctly.
    Safeway store #2619
    800 W Broadway
    Missoula, MT 59801

  12. The Monroe safeway needs more small carts. I am tired of chasing all over the (downhill) parking lot to find one. I have mobility problems which on my bad days makes it difficult wander all over the lot. The nearby competition always has small carts available. Also , i am disgusted with the J4U Personalized plan. Several times I have charged full price because my selection didn’t go through. Fix it!

  13. John was very helpful, polite, patient, good at his job, chinese food area. 2-22-15 thank you John we really enjoyed our food.

  14. The store is laid out so that it’s easy to shop; and they don’t move things around, making it hard to find items. Saves time to do other things, besides searching !!!
    The service is friendly, and the pharmacy is great! Can’t say the same about your bananas; off colored green, odd taste, funny yellow color when ripen !
    Oh yes! Don’t forget the gas points, great idea !!!

    • Peggy is a friendly face and a smiling voice at check-out, and Jennine is always very helpful at Customer Service

  15. My experience with Safeway at the So. Winchester location in Campbell goes back a few years and I’m pleased to say that I am looking forward to continuing to purchase my food items at this location. The staff has been really good to me; always resolving and helping me with exchanges, broken items, and items that were hard to find. Some of my favorite people there are the Managers, the lady in the meat department, the Ethiopian lady in the bakery, and Sheila, bless her sole, : ) at the self checkout stands who always greets me with a big smile and today even bagged my groceries. It’s a fun place and I enjoy making my purchases there. I still want to decide how much of the $80.00 of her lost before coming to work today that I would voluntarily would like to help her with. $80.00 is a lot of money. Thanks for sharing that with me Sheila.

  16. I presented two rain checks for two types of meats that were not available when the store offered those items. I received rain checks for the meat items I was seeking. A few days later, I presented the rain checks to the Store Butcher (Richard Manning) and he went out of his way to full the order as directed on the rain checks and a special request regarding the thickness of the meats we selected. I called my wife and she spoke to the Butcher directly regarding some details on the thickness of the cuts of meats we selected. We were especially very pleased in the professional manner and attention to details he displayed in handling our request. We look forward to our next visit to the River Town Safeway, MD. Jim

  17. Last week I had one the best shopping experiences in a long time. I shop the Safeway in Conifer, Colorado. I had questions for the flower department lady, she was very helpful. My check out lady was fast and efficient. The young girl who packed my groceries followed my directions of what I wanted in each different bag (I bring in freezer and regular cloth bags.) Sandy and Troy (Managers) were very helpful with more than just store information. I put in the names of the florist, register worker, bagger, and manager in my comment last week; but they were not notified of my comments. I can’t remember the names of three of the workers, but Sandy the manager might. I would like to see the produce workers pay a little more attention to the wrapped lettuce and carrots and try not to let the sprayers getting these vegetables wet, they spoil too quickly when their wrapping is soaked before purchase. Thank you.

  18. Cashiier Debbie and bag lady Joan are # 10 today . They made shopping a good experience this morning with smiles and information..

  19. me gusta mucho aser mis compras en safeway por todos son muy amables especialmente Maria Guzman, Bernice, Gloria y en realidad todos solo q no quiero olvidar a nadie Thanks

  20. I always do my shopping at safeway waterfront store the employees are so helpful it’s one person in the produce dept who always helpful his name was anthony d he was very friendly and helpful imma continue to shop there he should be rewarded for his service and taking care of the customers i was very happy and my shopping experience was great


  22. Survey requests a code. I looked for a survey code on my receipt – didn’t see it listed. So, I tried the different numbers on the receipt, none of them worked. I called the Safeway store on Miramonte Ave in Mountain View, and the person who answered the phone didn’t know which number on the receipt to enter.

    I was served well, but I can’t enter that in the survey until I know which is the survey code. Please send me an email to tell me how to proceed.

  23. When shopping at 2734 Safeway I have always had the best service at all departments Jamba Juice who have very friendly staff and at fuel pumps whenever I have issues the fuel clerk is always on top of things and she will go out of her way to take care of me.

    Thank you 2734 team 🙂

  24. I just tried to fill out the survey, and there’s no place to rate the store on the very first question. I was going give them 1 9 and the rest 10s

  25. Well I was all set to take the survey that the cashier at safeway encouraged me to take to win the $100 gift card. The survey requires a survey code that the cashier failed to provide me and there was no survey code printed on my receipt. Well I guess that’s enough for entering to win $100. What a waste of time.

  26. I got to the screen that asked me to score my overall satisfaction, but no matter what I highlighted, it kept telling that I must respond before proceeding. I couldn’t complete the survey. Very frustrating.

  27. My wife and I shop at safeway quite often. She is there more than I am. When I shop there, I am more often than not, over charged for sale priced items. When I bring it to the attention of the checker, they act as if I’m lying or trying to cheetah the store out of 33 cents. This morning I purchased a salad that had a sale price of $3.99. The regular price was $4.99. I didn’t realize it until I got to my vehicle. Because I was in a hurry, I didn’t have time to dispute the difference. This really bothers me. I don’t think I will shop at safeway anymore! !

  28. I see lots of positive and negatives on the above comments. Welcome to Portland, OR. There is a Safeway that my Wife and I started shopping at since we moved to this area. I can’t recall the exact address but can tell you it is in SE Portland near Foster Rd. and 40 something Ave. I have never experienced better service from any store that I can recall. The Bakery ladies, Janet and Steph were beyond helpful. Not only did they offer me a free replacement cake that was bagged wrong, (which was also apologized for) they took their personal time to welcome my wife and myself to the area. When I went to the Customer Service desk to request a survey form there was a customer hassling the lady working. She was very professional and handled the situation perfectly while there were plenty of us in line. She was smiling with eagerness the whole time while politely serving the irritated customer. Yes, it was an older fellow, (lol), I just want to thank this specific Safeway store for the professional and courteous experience. You rate a 10 on the 10 scale! Great work and awesome hiring of employees Management! Once again, Thank you Janet and Steph in the Bakery Dept!!! You’re the best!

  29. I always shop at the bonners Ferry safeway store # 2954 I wanted to enter a complement to the deli department and I was told that I could do so on the survey @www.safeway.net and it did not ask me about my experiance at shopping at my favorite store just a lot of product information.and there is no code on my reciept so I am going to try it this way.
    I shop at safeway 4-6 times a week I also buy a majority of the safeway brands. I enjoy shopping at that store. my first stop is always the deli it is my favorite department in safeway. I like everyone in the deli my favorites are Kat and judy I see them the most- they are awesome, friendly, very helpful and informitive they help me find the best deals. Nate the china cook is outstanding he makes the best dishes, my favorite is the shrimp ! as well as general Tso’s the five dollar fridays boneless wings are great ! I would give the bonners ferry deli a 10++++ they are awesome !!!!!!!!

  30. Lewiston ID branch: I have been going there to the deli for my lunch break and I am very pleased with the food in the deli and the workers. I love the made up salads in the already boxed up food in the cold to go sort of kiosk I guess you would call it. However, salads aren’t always available and there is one lady who is employed at this branch who’s title is front customer service and every time I have had her she was rude, acted liked she didn’t want to be there. There was a line if customers and she couldn’t wait to close the till out. Seems to me you make your business as much money as possible. That was the day she was helping out in the deli. Plus why not sell as much of the hot food that you can so it doesn’t go to waist. Also deli closes as 7pm yet when I go in there at that time for my lunch there is always customers buying at that time. Seems to me they would change the closing time. I have been going in there everyday Mon. Thru Fri. For weeks now and I’m always rushed to buy my food cuz they’re closing. One of the very nice gentleman deli workers even said they should stay open later. Seems to me a business would want to make as much money as it can especially since I am never the only one buying at that time. I even mentioned to a different clerk about this. Just an idea. The food is great! The hot mac and cheese, chicken alfedo, corn dogs, jo jo’s, turkey parmesan with bow tie noodles (cold dish), etc! I want to continue having my lunch there. Other then that very clean store and cashiers are fast too.

  31. Store Number 3424, Flower Shop, Person: Evonne.

    What a great experience, Evonne was very helpful, personable and professional. She represent Safeway Store # 3424 in a very positive way. Thanks again.

  32. On 4/02/2015 I shopped at the Safeway located in Washington D.C. at Benning Road and Minnesota Aves. N.E. The employees gave off a wonderful professional atmosphere! Also to mention, employees were all so busy doing their tasks and helping customers with kind respect! It was a wonderful visit, I had to compliment the Manager! It is so rare you get such professional help these days! I was indeed able to notice that the employees respect their jobs and their customers! It really put me in a better mood emotionally! Thank You so very much for that wonderful shopping visit!!! The STORE MGR #202-397-2802 IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL sunny Wednesday between 8:30-9:00am.

  33. The date was 4/02/2015 between the hours of 8:30-9:00 a.m. Store location Benning Road and Minnesota Ave. N.E. Washington D.C. STORE MGR # 202-397-2802 . I had a professionally respectful shopping visit, thank you kindly. It is rare that you get such a visit anywhere these days, it must be reported!! This visit put me in a positive mood emotionally, THANKS SO VERY MUCH!

    Joyce Spruell

  34. Doesn’t surprise me much to find that survey is only another gimmick,seems like nearly all which is advertised by Safeway is merely only another gimmick. I attempted to enter survey & was asked to enter a survey code, when asking cashier where code is to be found was told that they have no idea & never once before they walked away did they attempt to find out. Prices are far too expensive & service always sucks. I will stick to my doing most of my shopping at Fred Meyers.

  35. Just like many other commenters, I found there’s no code provided to complete the survey. It’s a good thing my checker today, April 15, 2015, 1:20 pm, was more helpful than this “survey” site.

    My cashier was Margaret D. at the Mill Valley Safeway on Miller Avenue (Store Manager Chris Cussins). She was friendly, efficient, and I was grateful that she reminded me to show my Safeway Club Card, which I otherwise would have forgotten. She saved me about $3.00, and was cheerful throughout the transaction. Since I was unable to complete the survey, I suggest that you award a $100 gift card to Margaret D.

  36. I’ve been a shopper at Safeway for over 50years. I love my Safeway here in Aloha. Yes the prices are a bit high, but there are deals. At times I will shop at another store but….when I go to My Safeway in Aloha, Or. on T.V. Hwy. it’s always clean, shelves are well faced and products are never out of date. The service is A#1. Check out is always nice- as both checker and bagger are in tune with each other and ME.!!! Thank you My Safeway in Aloha Oregon for always being great. Dave Walter runs a tight ship and is totally in tuned with customer service.

  37. I’ve been a shopper at Safeway for many years, I love my Safeway wherever i am . When i was introduce to the safewaysurvey.net to win a 100 dollar gift card; i was excited. Til i started having problems, the website replace safewaysurvey.net to marketplace.com then ask me for a survey code, which no one at Safeway store knows anything about a survey code. I believe this is false advertising and it should not be apart of the Safeway store. I hope that all these false advertising folks will leave Safeway for good. God knows its wrong. Safe -way means Safe food and everything inside of the store and this is the Way. Whoever came up with this ideal to get more money or to trick Safeway customer to steal their identity from their computer is a thief and shouldn’t get away with this tragic.

  38. The Safeway in La Junta Co is great! Clean and full of helpful employees, but this survey is a true disappointment. I, too, am unable to locate anything close to a “survey code”. I’ll continue to shop here, but only on a local level. Corporate needs to hunker down and get real. What a waste of my time!!!!

  39. I’ve been going to The Crown hill safeway in seattle for about 35 years now and I love that place! I had the best experience the other day when I was there browsing films I had found just what i was looking for thanks to the fantastic gal named ruth she was super kind and reminded me that I had a free movie voucher! Thanks Ruth from safeway!

    • This survey is confussion: The choice’s and instruction want a person to wonder whom created it. I can see that there are a lot of people just turning their computer off and not wanting to answer another survey relating to Safway.
      My person preference is to shop at Safeway. I have lived in Oregon and Washington. I prefer shopping at Safeway because I now I will get what I need and if I need help I can, always ask for help and their always willing to (take me)show me where I can find what I want. At the present time I shop at store #430 Gresham Oregon, 97030.
      J. Y. Loveland
      25200 SE Stark st.
      Apt# 333
      Gresham, Oregon

  40. I’ve been going safeway for atleast 35 to 40 years I shop at store 1436…and Donica helped me today service was great as always. Yes a 10!!!!!! .o don’t shop anywhere else .thankyou safeway keep up the great customer service. …

  41. As always the Starbucks barista’s here in Cottonwood do a fabulous job in taking care of all their picky customers !!
    The sad thing is I tell the management about what a great job they do and the management never tells all the people that work for Matt.
    Sometimes I think the management here is a joke !!
    Then I get three receipts for customer feedback and go to the survey site and can not complete the survey.
    What is the purpose of Safeway asking for feedback’s if the web address does not work ??

  42. I shopped today at the Safeway Store in Prescott Valley AZ there were not enough checkers and when another checker was added instead of taking the next person which was me she took from the back of the line. There was no manager around to speak to. They will be closing Albertson’s in Prescott Valley so there will only be Safeway to shop. They need to have more checkers and a manger close by. I am not looking forward to this being the only store. I will probably start shopping at Fry’s after Albertsons closes down.
    My experience was not very good.

  43. I was shopping in your Coquille Oregon Safeway today..I bought lots of groceries , mostly twelve packs of Pepsi, Sunkist, A&W Rootbeer. Your checkers were all very helpful and after checking out, one of your courtesy clerks(Maddie) helped me push my large cart of groceries to my pickup.. She has a very small frame, but that didn’t stop her from lifting and stacking all my heavy groceries in the cab…She is such a hard worker and has an awesome friendly personality..I would like for you to know that I think she is an asset to your company…Kudo’s to Maddie…Thank you…. 🙂

  44. I just returned home after an exceptionally enjoyable shopping experience at Safeway in Waipouli, Kauai. Two employeese took me to find products which I would never have foundon my own. As I approached check out, a checker named Angie opened her check out station for me and checked me through with such courtesy. i left the store with a big smile on my face and a good feeling for having Safeway in my community!! thank you.

  45. I did the survey but I want to point out that when choosing departments there was no place when you just buy a general product like dog food. I shopped at the pharmacy, general and Starbucks in same visit. I answered the questions for Pharmacy and Starbucks but there was not an area for dog food. you asked for sale amount and I had two ….one from Pharmacy and one for Starbucks and on for general items so you could see only one because there was no place for ALL slips.

  46. 06/20/2015 I shopped 06/19/2015 @14:39 THIS STORE IS ALL ABOUT COURTESY &my favorite Safeway Store, once again Ross (I believe is his name) in the meat department came over to assist me, I am physically challenged & find it necessary to ride in the electric cart, however am unable to reach the meat case without moving the “stuff” in the aisle next to the meat that blocks anyone from getting close even when on foot. This is from Corporate as I have asked that this “stuff” be moved out of the way .
    I usually move this 4′ container of repulsive product which Safeway wants someone to purchase…& then move it back after I pick out the meat I wish to purchase.
    When Teresa or Ross see me they move it for me, also they retrieve the plastic bags for me, as they are out of reach, unlike the produce department which has the plastic bags down where they are reachable for me.
    Almost ALL of the employees at this store are wonderful to me, being physically challenged, it is difficult for me to mount & un-mount the electric cart to reach items or plastic bags, there is always someone to assist me.
    Matthew today came to me in the produce department asked if I needed any assistance…even when I didn’t need assistance; he brought me a plastic bag…smiles.
    Of course Denise in the Deli is always very accommodating to me.
    Barb the cashier is pleasant, even when I ask her of put the groceries in the bag a certain way, (making it easier for me to handle at home) most ALL OF THE EMPLOYEES AT THIS SAFEWAY ARE WONDERFUL, it is the corporate office I have a problem with…all of this junk….sorry product you are trying to force feed to the public; this is not the Safeway I knew 50-60 years ago…the aisles use to be clear; I have seen several children or young people walk by this stuff & it falls over because of the vibration or wind as they pass,
    Marketing needs to take a new look at how they are pushing the product…where one small display in order with the shelf space or aisle space would be noticeable, better than an obstacle course. One who I have neglected to mention if the mature lady, (name slips me) who goes out with my groceries to bring the cart back she is always pleasant & helpful.
    I really like my Safeway….
    PS Yes I do complain ….smiles, I gave the manager Doug Ryan, a time for about a year to get the electric carts working & upholstered, he was wonderful, now we have nice electric carts with nice padded seats on them, no fabric hanging off. Now he smiles when he sees me….he must be a petty good manager to have employees like this. Thank you, customer since 1956…

  47. June 28th I picked up 300 hundred sandwiches that were ordered for an ALL CLASS REUION.we got the best compliments for these ssandwiches. Thank you Albany Oregon Safeway and the girls,Nicole,Michaela & Suzy for making this seem eazy.Thanks Ladies. Mary

  48. Apparently this survey code issue has been going on for some time. This is the first time I decided to do it. My receipt also fails to include the code. Obviously Safeway changed the company that handles the surveys and has failed to update their computer systems that print out the receipts. Clearly this survey company and safeway do not read the comments on this page, otherwise this problem would have been fixed by now. Assuming they care to fix it at all. Looks like this has been happening since March at least. Where I live, we have 2 stores. I wanted to do the survey to help out one of the stores as they said their survey score was low. Obviously this is why, no one can rate the store! I will have to check the other store now and see if this problem also exists on their receipts as well.

  49. I love the Safeway on OB hwy in Longview. I especially love Mike Hellman and his girl who always does such a good job on bagging up my groceries and her name is Rose. They are always very helpful no matter what I need. I have had her run and get things for me that I have forgotten or couldn’t find. They are really top notch workers and beyond the groceries and prices, they are part of the reason I keep coming back. Give them a pat on the back. They are at store 1078, Keep up the good work and thank you all for having a great store to shop at.

  50. Hey i went to safeway to get an avacado couldnt find a ripe one ask two employees to help pick one out they couldnt find one either i get an employee named jeannette she found a awesom one then she walked me to the self check out and help me there the only thing i had to do was shuffle my feet amazing service thanks jeannette

  51. I shop at Safeway four days a week, usually. My wife and two daughters shop there too. I can’t live w/o Safeway Select Ice cream. Five-Dollar-Fridays are my favorite day of the week. Love the wings or whole chickens on Fridays. It’s All Good. And, the people that work there are helpful too. They always ask if ya found everything. One time a product scanned incorrectly so I brought it to the attention of an employee,
    and the charge was completely removed from my total. No Questions. That was above and beyond what I wanted! Thanks! -Bob

  52. Shopping at Raleigh Hills Safeway, Portland, Oregon today and found just what we were looking forward to thanks to Jessica. Excellent service and excellent meat always available at this store. Thank you for being there and for employing super people!!!!!

  53. I went to the Safeway store in Issaquah and they had Rib eye on sale and I ask the Butcher If he could cut me4 Rib eye 1andquarter thick and the Butcher Jared Freeman did just that what a nice young man.
    Your Truly Don Fink

  54. We go to Safeway 4 to 7 times a week. Thomas is great he is always happy no matter how long the line is. Thomas is courteous and helpful. Thomas is #1.

  55. We had a new cashier 2 weeks ago. Corinne was great it was like she knew what she was doing for being on a different store. I had Corinne again she is so nice and fast too.

  56. 7/3/15. 7/11/2015
    Every time we are in Safeway its nice the store is always clean. Katherine is always smiling and courteous .

  57. On 08/04/2015 i shopped at the Safeway located Los Gatos,15543 Union Ave.I had a professionally respectful visit.Chau vas very helpful at pharmacy department.I always had very frendly and great to work with.She always tell me when medicine is ready,answers all the questions,she is a wonderful person.I give CHAV 10+++++++

    • Im 71 yrs old and a vietnam veteran,I appreciate the great service I always get at the Montana and front safeway,I cant see so good nor hear well so I ask the first employee I spy where is ??? they always take Me to the right isle and point to the product without a hint of my disturbing them from their task,the checkers are all friendly and its a pleasure doing business at Safeway,Thanks CHLOE for that beautiful smile.

  58. I get coffee every morning @the Safeway on 22nd & Madison. All of the staff are pleasant & go above & beyond. But I have noticed that Tanner, not only addresses the customers by their names, she also knows what they drink. I hope that her manager’s and Starbucks are aware of the quality customer service she consistently provides.

  59. Safeway on MAUI in Kihei is where we do most of our grocery shopping. A good 75% of all groceries. 0ur special thanks to cash register lady named , JOCELYN. She is always polite and very cheerful. We try to go to her on most occasions. She doesn’t have to strive, it just comes natural. Mahalo,
    Carol Baxter

  60. Audrey is amazing lady with great smile on her face always happy to help you kind of person is hard to find in this world and she’s always make my day perfect good to see her ♡♡♡♡♡she is excellent customer service and thank you for having her.

  61. Safeway in Stayton, Oregon. The cashiers are always friendly and helpful, even though sometimes they get really backed up. A particularly bright spot was Dan in the produce department. He gave me a lesson in selecting a good watermelon, and comped the bad watermelon from my last purchase. So friendly and helpful and a great smile!! (I would come back just to see that smile!)

  62. Today I went to Safeway in S. Salem .I went into the store to get chicken from your Deli Dept. I was Standing there , while ur Deli Employee was helping this Horrible Customer . Your Employee was Nothing but Nice & Polite to this Guy even after he spoke to him like Crap:( I was SO Mad By the way Your Employee was being treated . I have to let ur Know Michael that works in the Deli Dept. is Def. a Awesome Employee & I was so Impressed how he handled the Situation 🙂 Your Employee deserves something for his AWESOME Performance 🙂 Thank You Rebecca Bursell

  63. I always have an enjoyable shopping experience at Safeway store #0995 located at 1335 Webster St., San Francisco, CA because of their outstanding service, the delicious bakery, deli, and produce. I recently met the new manager, Eddie Chu, and the assistant manager, Eric Dohner. They are both very professional, helpful, and courteous. They both take great pride in assuring that the customer needs and expectations are met. They both do an excellent job of managing the store. The store is neat, clean, well organized, and the items are laid out with good visual appeal. Their highly trained employees truly care about the customers as they are all so courteous, helpful, and friendly, in particular, Ann, Myva, Nelly, and Halena who always give excellent customer service. The managers must be very proud to have such outstanding employees working for them.

  64. Laura at the East Wenatchee, WA Safeway has been working there for a Long
    Time. I always look for her At the Check out Lanes. She always greets me
    on a Friendly Basis. Always makes sure if I have forgotten anything; she will
    take care of it right away.
    Her smile and positive attitude adds a special touch when I do my grocery shopping

  65. I usually came Safeway Berryessa #929 Bakery Depatment everyday for fresh bake.The lady name JUANA RODRIGUEZ is good customer service there.She is greeting,friendly,always smile and really help all customer need and answer all questions customer ask her.She always give excellent customer service. The managers must be very proud to have such outstanding employees working for JUANA RODDRIGUEZ/Bakery Department.


  67. I would like to say Thank you to the Young men who helped me with the buy one get one free. His name Robert H. Store 3228, he gave me an excellent customer service.

  68. This morning, I went into Safeway to get some flowers, balloons, and chocolates. Jessica P. ( the cashier ) did an amazing job in helping me put everything together. My gift looked beautiful, and I could not thank her enough. She did an amazing job, and I would love to go back for more of her help !

  69. I went this afternoon to Safeway to buy some cleaning products and I was happly surprised with the politeness and kindness of the Cashier Rich. He was very efficient and considerate with me and his coworker Tania G. Who was very helpful and polite…
    Thank you!

  70. Safeway una tienda limpia,.. de productos de calidad …sus carnes,legumbres y frutas siempre frescas si se desea algun producto,se le pregunta a un empleado y este con mucha atencion lo orienta ..en total es una tienda,que por los ultimos 20 years a sido y seguira siendo la faborita de la familia

  71. I have shopped at Save-A-Lot since you opened your store in St. Augustine. At that time you had a butcher (whom I have forgotten his name) but he was excellent. Not only helpful, but extremly competent . I really am disappointed that you moved him to another store, as the meat cutters you have in the store now are not nearly as friendly and helpful. However oyour cashiers have taken up the slack. Please do not print my name!

  72. john k., your pharmacist, at your dallas. oregon store is absolutely the kindest, most helpful employee i have ever encountered. wish there were more like him!

    • The shopping experience very good and I was impressed and order and precision in the work and the view wonderful and tempting delicacies. Finally we wish you success and time to maintain the top and moved of the Safeway

  73. I’ve been shipping at two of your stores now and find the employees a both stores are very helpful, and the prices are a little high,but you do have sale items which help to make up the difference.

  74. Have been a Safeway shopper my whole life, as my mother & grandmother both were, On a recent afternoon shopping at the Safeway store at NE 81st Street in Hazel Dell in Vancouver Washington, I had the good fortune to check out in Lisa C.’s line again, She is always so pleasant! John W, was the take-out person and it was his first day doing that. What a nice young man! Safeway employees as a whole are nice people to do business with.

  75. Thank you for this opportunity to recognize the fine men who work in the meat and seafood departments at Safeway in Dixon! Tom Rome and Robert Lemley are not just helpful and friendly but both men are SO PROFESSIONAL in doing their job. I enjoy going to our Dixon store because I KNOW I will get the best cut of meat and just the right kind of seafood that I need.

    Tom Rome and Robert Lemley deserve a 10+ rating!

  76. Thank you to the fine staff we have at the Dixon Safeway store I especially want to recognize Tom Rome and Robert Lemley for their friendliness and helpfulness. I can count on their superb help in my regard even when I request an item by phone. Tom and Robert I appreciate all the help you give to me!
    You deserve a 10+!

  77. I want to thank Carmen, employee number 3149, at the Woodstock Safeway store in SE Portland for outstanding customer services. She was very helpful and kind in providing the services I needed to complete my purchase today. Keep up the excellent services Carmen!

  78. We shop at the Hazel Dell Safeway in Vancouver, WA. Art, Reiha and Jaclyn are the best employees ever. They are all three so friendly fast and ready to help you with a smile on their faces. We enjoy shopping there for that reason. I hope all three of them stick around for a long time.

    On a sad note Tammy is the worst one there. Never friendly, never smiles and can almost be considered rude. But I guess every store has one bad apple.

    • I shop at the Safeway Store #1449 in Wenatchee Washington and my experience couldn’t have been any better. An amazing employee by the name of Shari Barnes was so nice, pleasant and helpful she should get a promotion x’s three hope to see her again and again there every time i shop at Safeway……

  79. Susan (cashier) went above and beyond today. I felt weird while checking out today and it was low blood sugar. She left and went and got me a small bottle of Orange Juice to level out me blood sugar. She asked the Box boy to help me to my car with my groceries as well. Thank you Susan 🙂
    Cottage Grove, Or Safeway

  80. Latoya who works at Safeway at South Shore Ctr., is always extremely kind and very helpful, as well as courteous!!!! I would recommend going to that particular site (at the deli/hot prepared foods) to anyone who would be interested and/or ask!!!!! Thank you for hiring such nice, easy going, helpful people as Latoya!!!

  81. Levi, the check out, and the 2 cashiers, Rosa and Melva, from Safeway in Glendale AZ are great assets to the store. I went 2 days in a row with a huge basket full and nobody blinked an eye. They were helpful and kind. Even though they were very busy, Levi, still offered to help me with a smile. Even remembered my car. Everyone makes the customers feel at ease and special.

  82. I use the pharmacy at store #0248 in bullhead city AZ . one lady name Peggy is always very nice make me and my wife happy that we went there .she so helpful. the rest of them are great. I never been treaty so good at any other pharmacy. that you Peggy and all behind counter there .

  83. I use the Safeway in Grandview, Washington, the heart of the Yakima Valley for wine, fruit trees, and a farming community. Our store is so awesome. Everyone is friendly, and so generous in assisting you. I wish to express my thanks to Marylou for always greeting me with a smile and “how are you today”, when checking out. In our farming community, Safeway is often THE place to meet friends in the aisles and this invites a warm feeling of community. I love having Starbucks in the store as well.

  84. I live in Joseph City and the residences in this small population receive the Safeway weekly advertised brochure reflecting sales items etc. Our household glances through the weekly ads and hurry down to purchase our needs. It came to my attention that the printed prices on the flyer do not reflect the store prices. After approaching management I was informed that the Joseph City flyer is really the Phoenix flyer and this does not match up to the Holbrook flyer, and my suggestion is to have HQ deal with this inequity ASAP. Thank you in advance for making my shopping experience a highlight of the week.

  85. i always shop your stores and always very happy the way cashiers are very polite and friendly specialy Brandye who help me yesterday at the self conter section.

  86. We live in a tiny town only 2 stores & Im GREATFUL Safeway is one if then! Mom has brain cancer & its has things I can buy to make my mom feel better bc we don’t have a car to drive to other towns.thank you😘😘😘

  87. Several weeks ago I had some short ribs that were on sale custom cut and packaged for me by a butcher named Rudy C. The meat was very fresh as always, cut just the way I ordered and packaged very nicely. Thank you Rudy C. Benny Daquilanea

  88. I just left Safeway store # 4288 on 18th street in Eugene, OR. My wife called yesterday to order a special cut of prime rib. The meat cutter, Randy, was so energetic and friendly that I feel compelled to comment on him and his eagerness to complete our order. Randy was above and beyond for us. Safeway is better having him as an employee. Our kudos to him and his professionalism. Thank you Randy.
    Wendell Freeman

  89. All the associates at Safeway Store #335 (Kennewick, WA) are polite and always ask if I need assistance with anything. I love my local Safeway store, and I couldn’t be more proud it. Its always clean and if I ever need to return something, the clerks are courteous and kind. Stores like this are hard to find.

  90. Dennis Graviss
    I shop at the Safeway store #2042 In Phoenix Arizona at the corner of Camelback and 32d Street. I appreciate the work of Linda in the Meat Department, as well as Brad, Olivia and Tina who are long time checkout people. They always remember my name, talk to me and are excellent in their service to all of the people in the store.

  91. My comment is written above. I really appreciate your meat department and the check out people. Dennis Graviss

  92. Magnificent site. Lots of useful info here. I’m sending it to some buddies ans also sharing in delicious.

    And of course, thank you on your sweat!

  93. We live in Windsor, CO. Courtney 1937 works in the Starbucks Coffee section of the store. We enjoy her friendly service and love when she sings Happy Birthday to her customers. Thanks, Courtney for all you do to make our day!!! Bob and Claudene Starck

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  95. Gary and Vance at Coos Bay, Oregon Safeway went above and beyond in the bakery to find a product I was looking for. I really appreciated the time they took to make sure I left a happy customer.

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