– 2020 QuestDiagnostics Feedback Survey

In an effort to improve your experience, Quest Diagnostics wants you to take a few time to take part in their Quest Diagnostics Patient Satisfaction Survey at Your responses are very important in helping them continue to deliver a high level of service and patient care. All your responses will be kept anonymous and confidential.

How can we participate in the Quest Diagnostics Customer Survey?

1. Visit the customer survey official website and use the drop down menu at the top right to select the language in English or Spanish.

2. Select the the Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center that you visited and then select the date and time of your visit.

3. Answer a few easy questions about your recent experience and submit it .


Quest Diagnostics is a corporation based in the United States that offer a wide range of products and services that benefit patients, healthcare providers, and pharmaceutical medical device companies, life insurance companies and employers.

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    • The phlebotomist, Sheryl, is an excellent phlebotomist. I would recommend her to anyone who needs there blood drawn
      Excellent worker!!!!!

  1. My service I have received on today with my blood draw was great. I love Ms. Teresa walker she did a really great job, and also was very pleasant. I’m a satisfied customer 🙂

  2. I went to Quest this morning to have blood drawn for lab testing. The staff was friendly and efficient and the office was clean and orderly. However, as a walk-in patient I had to wait for over an hour. I would appreciate it if Quest would find a way to reduce walk-in wait time.

  3. Mary did such a terrific job drawing my blood this morning (Nov. 24) that I didn’t even feel
    the needle go in. The lady that was working at the front desk was incredibly efficient. Today
    was the first time I didn’t have to wait for an hour or more and what a pleasant surprise that was.

  4. I had an outstanding tech this morning, Sonya at Delray Beach Florida. I know Im not the easiest patient to draw blood from, but Sonya did it with confidence, a big smile and success.
    I was very surprised at how clean and immaculate the treatment room was.
    Great work.

  5. Beatriz is the perfect example of customer service at Weston South. I was nervous about the lab work, having fasted for 15 hours and feeling grouchy. Beatriz welcomed me and everyone else there with a warm and sincere smile. It made the process of a needle less painful. Gracias mi amiga!

  6. Your questioneer is not on a protected site. I didn’t finish taking the survey because there were questions that should not be made to answer and they can’t be skipped especially since it is not https site. I’m sure you miss a lot of feedback due to this.


  8. Visited quest office in the doctors office at southern hills hospital today and had blood draw from very professional lady by the name of Anita and was very satisfied

  9. Had blood work done at your branch in Encinitas Ca. was a walk in, went very smooth quick an no pain Chris did a fine job.

  10. As a home care RN, I have to call to find out what color tube to use for required test I need to draw. Can Quest post a printable list on the web site and in print at each site for those of us who work in health care and need to know! You benefit from my work, as I bring you business, please make the job easier for us and better for our patients

    Gayle Bate RN
    Home Care RN

  11. I am unable to do survey online. It will not accept my responses. Disappointed in survey site.
    The person I saw at site OV was Marie, and she was WONDERFUL and very nice!!! I want to request her every time I have to go there for Lab work.

  12. Even though I can’t get the survey , I would like to give a shout out for my wonderful experience at the Novi site. Cassandra was very friendly and very good at what she does. I am usually a hard stick, but she made it so easy.

    Thanks Amy

  13. My thanks to “Tiffany”. She was very professional and her work speaks for it self.Thanks for people in her field who display ” You are important to me and I am here to service you”.Great job,Tiffany!

  14. I was served by both Diana and Lisa. Diana is great at giving directions as well at looking up your informations and she does it with a pleasant smile.
    Lisa’s soft hands makes your day. Great lady and a great smile to boot.

  15. I went to the QuestDiagnostic Hargrave Professional Bldg. location in Houston. I had a very pleasant and professional and blood draw by nurse Linzy. I have some scar tissue in vein and sometime experience pain when blood drawn. Linzy perfectly introduced the needle to exact middle of the vein. There was no pain at all. GREAT JOB LINZY!

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