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Micro Center is a good place for your computer and electronic needs. They are interested in learning how satisfied you are with your recent shopping experience. As a valued customer, your opinions are of great importance to Micro Center. Please participate in the Micro Center customer satisfaction survey at www.microcentersurveys.com which should only take 3-5 minutes. Your feedback will help them to continuously improve, and will ensure that you receive the high standard of excellence you expect.

How can we participate in the Micro Center Customer Feedback Survey?

1. Have your receipt handy and visit the customer survey official website.

2. Enter the REFERENCE NUMBER found near the top of your Micro Center receipt and click on “Take the survey”.

3. Rate the satisfaction with your most recent experience at Micro Center ,and answer a few easy questions.

4. Click on the “Submit” button.


Micro Center is an American computer department store. Would you like to get savings in store or online? Here are some ways of saving:

1. Visit the “HOT AD DEALS”column on the homepage of microcenter.com.

2. Join their email list, and the super savings and coupons delivered to your email inbox.

3. Visit the Micro Rebate Center, search for available rebates what you want.

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3 thoughts on “www.Microcentersurveys.com – Micro Center Customer Survey

  1. Always been so satisfied with micro center so much so that when my 17 year old son said he wanted to build his own game computer I new right where to take him. Saturday we headed out met David Nicholson there seemed well informed with all products. Told of our budget 1400.00. Said know problem filled the cart check all the prices e where all set till I went to check out and the total came to 1623.00. I said this can’t be right David new the budget and checked it. So let’s get David oh sorry he went to lunch. So I had to make the choice over spend and go more in debt or disappoint my son. I had no choice I had to disappoint my son. Thanks micro center it was such a great ride home. Felt a little like bait and switch to me

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