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If you frequently eat out at McDonald’s restaurants,what do you usually order? How satisfied were you with your experience there? McDonald’s would really love to hear your voice. It can be anything – a rant, a rave or lavish praise. By listening to your voice, they can continually find ways to improve all aspects of their stores. So take a moment to take part in their survey at www.mcdvoice.com and share your thoughts on how they served you.

This receipt survey is for customers who have visited the McDonald’s and received an invitation to participate which found at the bottom of their receipt. Its objective is to collect customers’feedbacks and use it to develop and improve the McDonald’s experience for all customer. Once completed, and you will be given a validation code that can be used to get free McDonald’s or a discount on McDonald’s products.

How to Take Part In The web Survey

1. Go to the customer survey site link above.

2. Enter the required information from your receipt to activate this survey.

3. Read the questions that will follow the page and select your answers. .

4. Once you have completed the survey, press the “Submit” button and your responses will be sent to McDonald’s.


About McDonald

McDonald is a well-known global food service retailer, almost everyone has ever tried McDonald. Their menu is filled with various burgers, sandwiches, chicken, fish, salads, snacks, beverages, coffee and desserts at great prices. Meal bundles are much cheaper than ordering them separately. Their happy meal bundle usually has latest toys for kids and other free gifts. As they have committed to customers, they provide the world famous potato fries, the fresh salad, and 100% pure beef in burgers. McDonald open 24 hours a day with plants and artwork inside and decent seating area outside. Free wifi is truly exceptional and they even have play place for kids and no purchase is required. It’s really a great place to have fun with your friends and families.

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