www.tellgame.co.uk – 2021 Game Digital Guest Survey

Are you a GAME fan? how about the service your received during this visit? They are excited to hear your feedback so they can improve their service to you. If you have any suggestions on their future improvement, you can through their feedback survey site (www.tellgame.co.uk)tell them your suggestions.
At this survey site, you can rate your overall satisfaction on a scale of 1-Highly Satisfied to 5-Highly Dissatisfied or, if you prefer, you can also enter a comment. When you complete this short survey you can enter their prize draw. Winers will win a £200 Gift Voucher.
How we can participate in the Tellgame survey?
1.Have your receipt as you will need details from it.
2.Go to www.tellgame.co.uk on your computer and see the Terms and Conditions before you start the survey.
3.Select your visit date and enter your survey code and amount spent printed on your receipt.
4.Then you will be asked to answer some general questions about your experience and click the “Next” button
5.Enter your contact information, including your name and email address.
6.Click the Submit button.
7.Your feedback will go straight to the manager of the store you visited.
Game Digital is the UK’s leading games retailer with great deals on video games, consoles, accessories and the latest preorder games.There is always someone there to help and recomment the right games or anything connected to your PS3. The shop caters for everyone and I enjoy going into the shop when I am in Ayr.

42 thoughts on “www.tellgame.co.uk – 2021 Game Digital Guest Survey

  1. I go to the Morecambe store and they’re always very happy to help and the service is always quick and excellent. Shop assistants are always helpful.

  2. All I was looking for was game lasting a bit longer I got 3 of the same the game was assasins creed2 then i saw the offer of 3 for the price of 2 and got 3 games for £7.98 I am well happy now with the games and the way I was treated

  3. you always find what you looking for
    the staff are great and understanding and always very patient when they’re looking for something and sometimes can’t find it but they always come up with a second choice in some items that people are very good and I love the shop quite a lot it’s brilliant I’m glad it came back after all that time.
    the lady that served me was very cheerful and helpful .

  4. The staff were helpful as always, they seemed very devoted to helping customers as quickly and efficiently as they could 🙂

  5. Lilley in the Preston, St Georges centre store was absolutely brilliant, she explained everything to my 12 year old son and made it sound easy.

  6. I’m in game every week or two buying what’s new for my xbox one which also bought from game in the perth store. Sarah and the 3 awesome dudes always recommend what’s good and what’s not, every gamers different but you can’t go wrong with advice from the crew. THATS WHY THEY WORK THERE! 😉

  7. good service by employees but need more technical training as asked about a problem i had and they said i needed different cables to solve issue. Bought 2 new cables and didnt solve problem. Spoke to a different shop and explained how to solve problem without needing new cables i bought.

  8. Went to game today very helpful and advice was brill .great service and gd staff struggled to make my mind up but got what I needed in the end thanks to the staff waa gd trip to game be very happy to return as service was remarkable

  9. i went to game today and asked for help to find a pound vouchers because i couldnt find it so they gave me one for they went to find me one, but the services was very excellent the staff were very helpfully and cheerful and they made the place feel very welcoming as well.

  10. Excellence service. I asked the staff for some advice and they gave me a lot. Also, I have been with game for a couple of years and it has been the best game shop since it opened.

  11. Great shop.
    I picked up two £15 vouchers and instead got given a £30 one with £5 bonus.
    Always get the best deals at game.

  12. I like game because they always have good deals on that’s why I go all the time so thank you for all your good deals

  13. The service is brilliant as always, all Game staff are very nice and helpful. The shop is put out in a organised and sensible manor. In Game you can always find what you want when you want it and at the best price. Every console, game and gift card has its own space and place to be. Game is the best place to get games and its the only place I get them because I know the games are in good condition and are well looked after. I have never had a problem with Game and if I do the staff will help me sort it out as soon as possible. The advise that the staff give you on the games and what there about is really great. Great shop and I hope it never goes out of business because if it did the gamming wold would die out as no one can supply games as well as you Game. The staff are so devoted to this company I hope this goes on into the future. SO THANKYOU 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. service was very friendly and informative and very attentive much appreciated as i am a more mature customer

  15. Staff at my local game store are always very helpful and full of knowledge which helps my visits no end, well done,keep up the good staff/customer rapour.

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