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Have you been to one of Hallmark stores recently? Did something not work right for you? If yes, you can share that with the manager of the Hallmark store you visited by taking a survey at www.hallmarkfeedback.com. By listening to your thoughts, They will better serve you on future visits.

Hallmark is always seeking to improve its products and service to better meet your needs. So your feedback is appreciated and your responses are completely confidential.The survey allows rate and comment on your Hallmark experience. There are no right or wrong answers.

How to take the Hallmark Feedback Survey

1. Go to the guest survey site link above.

2. Enter the Survey Number and select the Date & Time and click on “Start”.

3. Answer a series of questions about your Hallmark experience this time.

4. At the end of survey, Hallmark will generally offer some discount for you.

Click Here to Start the Survey

Hallmark is a new, boutique-style retail experience from Hallmark that invites shoppers to design, create and personalize beautiful gifts, cards and accessories.

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