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EMSAR Customer Listens Survey: www.emsarlistens.com

EMSAR truly value your feedback. Tell them how they did and you could win an iPad mini!

About EMSAR Customer Survey

This is the place for EMSAR guest who have some opinions with their service to leave an feedback. Here allows rate and comment on their service & repair of Emergency & Medical Equipment. Your feedback helps EMSAR to measure their performance and understand how they can serve you better. There are no right or wrong answers. All responses will be kept strictly confidential.

How to Take Part In The web Survey

1. Go to the customer survey site link above.

2. Select your EMSAR service center and select a technician and click the button”->”.

3. Then answer the questions use a 5-point satisfation scale with Highly Dissatisfied appearing on the left side of the scale and Highly Satisfied appearing on the right side.

4. Once you have completed the survey, press the “Submit” button and your responses will be sent to EMSAR.


EMSAR (Equipment Management Service and Repair) is a company dedicated to providing high quality equipment service and repair. Their customers include hospitals, EMS service providers, long-term care facilities, and more. Keeping your equipment in top working form means helping people at some of the most important moments in their families’lives.They would like to share their standards for excellence with you.

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