– 2021 Tell Shell Customer Survey

Shell UK hope you were satisfied with the service you received from them. Is there any suggestions on their future improvement? If yes, spend just a couple of minutes to share your feedback with them, good or bad – and as a thank you, you’ll be given the opportunity to enter their prize draw to win £100 worth of Shell V-power.Visit to begin the feedback survey.

At this survey, you can rate the overall customer service and staff by giving it stars and comment directly on the store you visited. The data you provide will not be shared with any third party.

How we can participate in the Tell Shell Feedback Survey?

1. Visit on your computer and see the ‘Terms and Conditions’ before you start the survey.
2. Locate the Site ID and Amount Spent printed on your invitation and carefully enter them in the provided box and select the visit time.
3. Then you will be asked to answer some general questions about your experience and click the “Next” button
4. You will be asked to provided your contact information, including your name and email address.

Shell is a major energy producer and supplier in the UK. Together with their co-venturers, they provide around 11% of the UK’s total oil and gas production. They also make a vital contribution to the UK’s energy security by delivering energy into the UK from further afield.

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  1. Just been in your Stortford store and this is not the 1st time a product has been charged wrong to day it was decaf coffee – price ticket was £1.39 till came out at £1.49 did not have time to point it out as it takes too long – waiting for someone to authorise it – pity your tills do not display goods as they are scanned.

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