www.Talktofoodlion.com Survey – Win a Grand Prize of $250

Food lion appreciate you taking the time to complete the Talk to Foodlion Survey which should only take 5-8 minutes. Just a few simple questions. The information you provide in this survey will help Food lion improve all aspects of their customer experience.

Just visit www.talktofoodlion.com to participate in this brief survey within 5 days.  As a “reward” for your participation, Food lion will give you the opportunity to enter their survey sweepstakes for a $250 prize. 4 winners per quarter.

How can we participate in the Talk to Foodlion Survey?

1. Have your cash register receipt handy and visit the customer survey official website.

2. Select the language in English or Spanish to participate in this survey.

3. Enter the store number that is printed on your survey receipt and answer a few easy questions then click the Next button.

4.Rate the satisfaction with your most recent experience at Food lion

5. You will be asked to leave your contact information then submit it to Food lion survey team.

6. At the end of this survey you will be automatically entered into the survey sweepstakes.


Food Lion LLC is a Belgian-American grocery store company headquartered in Salisbury, North Carolina, that operates more than 1,100 supermarkets.

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66 thoughts on “www.Talktofoodlion.com Survey – Win a Grand Prize of $250

    • I have been trying for at least two weeks to enter the Food Lion Sweepstakes and have been sent to so many crazy websites. Please Food Lion get this problem corrected so people may enter.I live approximately one mile from Store #2208 in Anderson,SC so i shop a LOT at the store and have entered the sweepstakes before with no problems.Although i haven’t won yet i love to keep trying as i just may get lucky someday.

      • Completely annoying. Very frustrating. Every store that gives a website to win free groceries or cash seems to be fraudulent. Attempting to have you fill out a very loooong survey which includes information you should not give out. You innocently believing at the end you will be entered into a certain store contest only to find it is an information pool to stuff your email address with junk! After you fill out such a survey. You simply feel ill and question your sanity as to why you did such a thing. So much for free groceries and cash from these places. We will never see it. Only aggravation.

      • I have had the same problem where I have been sent to so many websites, but none of them are the site that I am suppose to be on to do the survey and I would love to enter the survey but I cant get to it. Please fix it because I use to just go straight to it and now its confusing.

    • We at Garden City Baptist Church appreciate the help of donations given us for our American Red Cross blood drive . It helps so very much with the food we serve our donors. We thank the Lord Jesus Christ for all who give donations and the donors of blood.

  1. The store I shopped in this morning is located at Holden Beach , NC and the store # on my ticket is #2546 which I entered, but it came back invalid. 1100 Sabbath Home Rd. SW. My loyalty customer # is 46130386940. I shop at this store often. Also, FL s in Asheboro & Fayetteville, NC. Feel I wasted my time trying to take this survey!!!!

  2. Prices are lower, quality is good. Staff are pleasant and eager to help with questions I have. This year is the first time I have been close enough to a Food Lion to shop there. It has been a very pleasant experience.

  3. Prices are lower, quality is good. Staff are pleasant and eager to help with questions I have. This year is the first time I have been close enough to a Food Lion to shop there. It has been a very pleasant experience.
    The store is #0786 in Reisterstown, Maryland.

  4. I like shopping at food lion,the only thing that I have bought with the last week was sweet peppers,yellow,green,redand orange,butthey did not last long,i usually buy them at Mars,and I cut them up for my wifes lunch,but these were bad,so I put them down the disposal,and I keep them the same way I do the ones I purchase from mars grocery store,jusr food for thought.

    • outside in the parking lot,your store has those small islands,i guess that’s what they are called,some are by the handicapped parking,anyway, when anyone is parked there,and they get ready to leave,they run against these ( I call them islands),if you can put something on each end in the dirt,so people can see them this will make it easier for them maneuver their way out of the parking area.Thank You!

  5. I tried getting on survey. I put in wrong pin number now its stuck on that screen, survey won’t finish. Please help me remove it and start over thank you

  6. tried to get on to do customer survey, would not let me do it, said receipt was over 5 days. date on receipt says 10/06/14 I am having second thoughts about continually trading at here

  7. I shop at store 2512 and what a great store – I’ve been doing the shoppers survey for years but this week I get a whole different website format and can’t get a survey done to enter the sweepstakes – what’ gone wrong

  8. I am also trying to get on the http://www.talktofoodlion.com, but it keep sending me to crazy website, not the one I am looking for. FOOD LION CHECK YOUR WEBSITE, THERE IS A BUG, PLEASE FIX IT. So it want be a lie to customers that do visit your store and try to enter the survey,but can’t cause you falsifying wrong website. Fix it Now! I like shopping at FL.

  9. The survey web site having issues. The survey will not complete and it wants me to share the survey on facebook. I don’t belong to facebook but the page will not reload… I hope that the store has better stuff than the survey website.

  10. I’ve been a Food Lion customer for many years, enjoy their friendly, helpful workers, find great bargains. The meat is always fresh, and so is the produce. With food prices so high, I also appreciate the “essentials” store brands and buy them whenever I can. With so many other stores competing for your grocery dollar, I don’t think you’ll find another grocery store offering so much in service and savings.

    • I shop at Food Lion because of the prices and specials that they have. The store that is near Food Lion has prices that keep going up, whereas Food Lion is keeping their prices in check. I even beat Walmart with some laundry products.
      Great that someone cares for the little guy.
      Keep up the good work!
      I cannot get on the survey either, store number is 0950 that I shop.

  11. We shop at Food lion just about every day.. Prices are low and we love the fact that we can now but 2 get 1 free… wtg Food lion.. Thank you God Bless!

  12. I love my Food Lion for many reasons first love all the employees at the store Manager Chris is wonderful and I can always find what I am looking like Food Lion buttermilk biscuits Food Lion brand soda Libby’s sausage gravy. I also like the meats I am in there 2 to 3 times a week. Employees are always helpful in assisting the customer’s. They always have my cat treat’s and that is real important. My store is at 900 N. Maynard Cary NC .

  13. I love Food Loin. Always has a handicap cart ready at all times when I shop there. Food prices aren’t bad either. Store is always clean and shelves are always stocked. Friendly employees!

  14. I totally enjoy shopping at Food lion. You can find different kind of food and special. The employee are very courage as you enter the store. The price are low and that what I love. I enjoy talk to the people that work there. I love your store very much.

  15. Tried to enter your $250 contest 4/11/15 and was told by your print-out that my Food Lion receipt was
    over five days old, i shopped at your store today. what gives?

  16. On June 18th I went to our Food Lion store and they stopped having my Mom’s sugar free cookies. She is a diabetic and you have no sugar free cookies!

  17. Food Lion in Greenville iNC s printing receipts with the link to the survey but no PIN number to access it.

  18. My wife and I love shopped at Food Lion we come from Cheraw S, C,to Rockingham N, C just to shopped at food lion we get some good deal

  19. Being an older senior citizen, food lion has really been a great service to me.It is located a short distant from my home and is in a safe area for older people to feel safe.I pay attention closely to the great savings on many of the items i am buying. In the store that i attend, most of the workers are very young and are very friendly and helpful. Food Lion # 1044 is a very nice place to shop.

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